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Quiz by Nuria Garcia Lopez

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  • Q1
    Which one of these musical genres is NOT used in Suggestopedia?
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    Indie Music
    Classical Music
    Baroque Music
  • Q2
    Who created Suggestopedia and in which year?
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    Noam Chomsky in 1970
    Georgi Lozanov in 1970
    Charles Berlitz in 1980
  • Q3
    Is this statement true or false?: Suggestopedia analyses how the non-rational and non-conscious cognitive processes influence human learning
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  • Q4
    What attitude should the teacher have towards the students?
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    Caring attitude
    Strict attitude
    Neutral attitude
  • Q5
    What does the word "suggestopedia" stand for?
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    A comination of SUGGESTION and HYPNOSIS
    A combination of SUGGESTION and PSYCHOLOGY
    A combination of SUGGESTION and PEDAGOGY

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