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Summarize the Text Practice 2

Quiz by Abigail Padilla

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Look at these details from a paragraph about Utah. Utah has tall, snowy mountains. Utah has high lands that are flat and rocky. Utah has a flat desert made of salt. Choose the main idea that ties all the details together.
    Utah has high lands that are flat and rocky.
    Utah has a mix of landforms.
    Utah is home to a large salt lake.
    Montana Utah has high lands that are flat and rocky.
  • Q2
    Look at these details from a paragraph about driving. You need to pay attention to other cars when you drive. You need to turn with care when you drive. You must not go too fast when you drive. Choose the main idea that ties all the details together.
    You have to be careful when you drive.
    You must drive at a safe speed.
    Dads have to be careful when they drive.
    You must read signs when you drive.
  • Q3
    Look at these details from a paragraph about rainbows. Rainbows are most often seen when there is rain in the sky. You can sometimes see a rainbow when water is sprayed from a hose. A rainbow will sometimes appear around waterfalls. Choose the main idea that ties all the details together.
    You can make a rainbow using a hose from your yard.
    Rainbows are visible.
    Rainbows can be seen when there is water in the air.
    You can see rainbows after spraying water.
  • Q4
    Read the passage. Twin Planets Neptune and Uranus Neptune and Uranus are two planets with many things in common. They are both very large planets. In fact, Neptune and Uranus are both about four times the size of Earth. Also, they are both made up of heavy gases. Because of their large size and heavy gases, Neptune and Uranus are known as ice giants. In addition, both planets have a large number of moons, and both have a set of rings. Neptune and Uranus are so much alike that they are almost twins. What is the main idea of the passage?
    Neptune and Uranus are made up mainly of gases.
    Twins are kind of like copies of each other.
    Uranus and Neptune are almost copies of each other.
    The Universe is composed of a multitude of items of which the human species has yet to explicitly determine.
  • Q5
    Read the passage. The Amazing Astolat the Astolat house The Astolat is a house that took thirteen years to build and is worth more than eight million dollars. Does this sound like a castle? Surprisingly, the Astolat is a dollhouse! An artist named Elaine Diehl began work on the twenty-nine-room dollhouse in 1974. Other artists and builders from around the world helped. They made furniture like tiny desks and chairs to put in the dollhouse. Today, a tiny desk from the Astolat house may cost more than five thousand dollars. A tiny piano is worth more than seven thousand dollars. This amazing, nine-foot-tall house was shown for the first time in 2015. What is the main idea of the passage?
    The Astolat Dollhouse took a long time to complete.
    People were first able to see the Astolat Dollhouse in 2015.
    Dollhouses were initially not intended as a children's toy but to show off one's wealth and teach domestic roles.
    The Astolat is an amazing dollhouse that is worth a lot of money.
  • Q6
    Read the passage. Don't Eat Me! a stem with thorns Insects and other animals can protect themselves from attackers. Did you know that plants have ways to protect themselves, too? One way plants protect themselves is with thorns and bark. For example, the thorns on a rosebush make it difficult for animals to eat it. The bark on a tree keeps insects from getting inside. Another way plants protect themselves is with chemicals. Some chemicals in plants act as poisons. If animals eat a plant with a poison in it, they may get sick or even die. Other chemicals make plants taste so bad that animals do not want to eat them. What is the main idea of the passage?
    Plants have several ways to protect themselves from being eaten.
    Plants may have chemicals in them that make them taste terrible.
    Plants and animals both have ways to protect themselves.
    Plants can grow crops that people eat for nurishment.
  • Q7
    Read the passage. Slow-moving Sloths a sloth hanging from a branch For some animals, being too slow can put them in danger. For sloths, though, moving slowly is a way to protect themselves. Sloths are furry animals with long arms. They live in trees in the warm forests of South America and Central America. Sloths hardly move at all. They actually stay so still that green plants called algae grow on their fur! The algae help the sloths hide in the green leaves around them. Being slow also helps sloths in another way. Animals like hawks and big cats often spot animals that are moving quickly. They hardly notice the slow-moving sloths. What is the main idea of the passage?
    By moving incredibly slowly, sloths actually ensure they stay alive.
    In Ice Age, the funny sloth named Sid added an additional layer of humor to the multi-million dollar film production.
    There are good and bad things about sloths' fur.
    Sloths barely move, and they move very slowly.
  • Q8
    Read the passage. A Safer Bike Ride children standing next to bikes How can you stay safe while riding your bike on busy streets? One way is to protect your head with a bicycle helmet. Studies have shown that riders who wear helmets are less likely to hurt their heads. Another way is to use hand signals when you ride. Hand signals show that you're planning to turn or stop. They help drivers in cars watch out for you. A third way is to follow traffic laws. Stop at stop signs and traffic lights. Use bike lanes when you can, and cross streets in crosswalks. If you follow these safety rules, you'll protect yourself while riding. What is the main idea of the passage?
    Bike riding is fun.
    Bicycle helmets help protect people from hurting their heads.
    Bike riders can take safety precautions while riding by following certain guidelines.
    Busy streets can be dangerous for bikers.
  • Q9
    Read the passage. The Kepler Space Telescope the Kepler space craft In 2009, the Kepler space telescope was sent to space to search for planets near our solar system. The telescope found about 960 planets. In 2013, however, there was a problem with Kepler's steering system. Scientists on Earth couldn't steer the telescope. They worried that they wouldn't be able to fix the Kepler telescope. Then scientists found another way to steer Kepler using the power of the sun. Light from the sun acted as a force pushing on the telescope. That force was enough to keep the telescope in place. What is the main idea of the passage?
    The new steering system on the Kepler space telescope used light from the sun to keep it in place.
    Max Keebler is the best movie ever made in the whole, entire world.
    Scientists came up with a new way to steer the Kepler space telescope after it developed a problem.
    When it was first sent to space, the Kepler space telescope discovered over nine hundred planets.
  • Q10
    Read the passage. Mother Alligators an alligator by a log Alligators are surprisingly helpful mothers. A female alligator builds a nest for her eggs on the shore. After she lays her eggs, she covers the nest to keep it warm. Unlike many other reptiles that leave their eggs, the alligator stays to keep them safe. When the babies start making noise, the mother knows they're ready to hatch. She may help by putting the eggs in her mouth and gently breaking the shells apart. Once the babies hatch, the mother gathers them up and puts them in the water. She stays with and protects her young for as long as two years. What is the main idea of the passage?
    Female alligators stay with their young for up to two years.
    Female alligators stay with the male alligators for up to two years.
    Female alligators build their nests on shore.
    Female alligators make very caring mothers.

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