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Superhero Secret Identities

Quiz by Turner Huston

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Who is Batman?
    Clark Kent
    Steve Rogers
    Peter Parker
    Bruce Wayne
  • Q2
    Who is Spider-Man?
    Peter Parker
    Clark Kent
    Miguel O'Hara
    Bruce Banner
  • Q3
    Who is Super-Man?
    Bruce Wayne
    Otto Octavius
    Lex Luthor
  • Q4
    Who is Starlord?
    Peter Quill
    David Batista
    Rocket Raccoon
    Wyatt Wingfoot
  • Q5
    Who is Captain America?
    Arnim Zola
    Miles Warren
    Bucky Barnes
    Steve Rogers
  • Q6
    Who is the Hulk?
    Rick Jones
    Lou Ferigno
    Bill Bixby
    Bruce Banner
  • Q7
    Who is Captain Marvel?
    Judy Dench
    Carol Danvers
    Patsy Walker
    Jessica Jones
  • Q8
    Who is the Black Widow?
    Dianna Walker
    Jessica Jones
    Natasha Romanov
    Miranda Johnson
  • Q9
    Who is Storm?
    Emma Frost
    Kitty Pryde
    Ororo Munroe
    Jean Grey
  • Q10
    Who is Iron Man?
    Tony Stark
    James Rhodes
    Pepper Potts
    Bruce Wayne

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