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Superlative Adjectives

Quiz by Kassandra Sanchez

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Emma always gets a 100 on exams. She is _________ student in her class.
    the hard-workingest
    the most hard-working
    more hard-working than
  • Q2
    My father is a fireman. He is _____ person in my family.
    the most bravest
    braver than
    the bravest
  • Q3
    My cousin, Ethan always gives away his toys and clothes to the poor. He is __________person.
    the most generous
    the generousest
    more generous than
  • Q4
    Miss Wong likes telling jokes. She always make us laugh. She is the ________ teacher in our school.
    the humorousest
    more humorous than
    the most humorous
  • Q5
    Jack always helps his teachers carry the books. He also helps me with my homework. He is ______ student in his class.
    the helpfulest
    more helpful than
    the most helpful
  • Q6
    Grandma never gets angry. She is ________ person in our family.
    more level headed than
    level headed
    the level headedest
    the most level headed
  • Q7
    Joan's brother never studies. He is _________ student in his class.
    the most lazy
    laziest than
    the most laziest
    the laziest
  • Q8
    Derek has a lot of friends. He goes to parities every month. He is ________ person in his family.
    the sociable
    the most sociable
    the sociablest
  • Q9
    Jason runs a lot every day. His mom asks him to do sports every day because he is ____boy in the neighborhood.
    faster than
    the most fastest
    the fastest
  • Q10
    Alex is friendly. All teachers and students love him. He is ________ student in his class.
    the most friendlest
    the most friendly
    the friendliest
    the friendlyest

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