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Surface Area and Volume Review

Quiz by Brittany Ramsey

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the surface area of the rectangular prism represented by the net shown?
    Question Image
    133 square cm
    121 square cm
    221 square cm
    176 square cm
  • Q2
    Dorothy gives Sidney a Toblerone candy bar for her birthday and wants to wrap this 5-sided triangular prism. How much wrapping paper will Dorothy need?
    Question Image
    26 square cm
    34 square cm
    152 square cm
    92 square cm
  • Q3
    Cielo’s rectangular prism shaped swimming pool has a side of length 8 yards, width of 6 1/2 yards and height of 3 yards. What is the total volume of the pool?
    Question Image
    156 cubic yards
    1008 cubic yards
    36 cubic yards
    144 cubic yards
  • Q4
    Garrett has a small fish tank. The tank’s length is 14 2/5 in, the width is 8 in, and the height is 6 in. What is the volume of the box?
    Question Image
    28 2/5 cubic inches
    691 2/5 cubic inches
    115 1/5 cubic inches
  • Q5
    The dimensions of the base of a right rectangular prism are 3 inches by 3 inches. If the volume is 18 cubic inches, what is the height of the prism in feet?
    12 inches
    6 inches
    2 inches
    3 inches

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