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Surface Area of Prisms

Quiz by Jesse-lynn Lawson

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  • Q1
    Name the figure shown
    Question Image
    Triangular Pyramid
    Rectangular Prism
    Triangular Prism
    Rectangular Pyramid
  • Q2
    How are prisms and pyramids named?
    By the shape of their bases
    By the number of faces they have
    By the shape of their faces
    By whether they come to a point at the top
  • Q3
    If one gallon of paint covers 250 square feet, will 8 gallons of paint be enough to paint the inside and outside of the fence shown?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    What error was created in the work shown?
    Question Image
    They divided by two when they calculated the triangular bases
    They used the incorrect numbers for the area of the triangle and divided the triangle by two
    They should have multiplied by 2 at the end
    They used the incorrect numbers to calculate the area of the bases
  • Q5
    What is the surface area of the cube?
    Question Image
    337.5 square feet
    168.75 square feet
    56.25 square feet
    421.875 square feet
  • Q6
    A tentmaker is measuring the amount of nylon needed in order to make a large 4 person tent. How much fabric will the tentmaker need? (there is fabric on the bottom also)
    Question Image
    30 square feet
    60 square feet
    38 square feet
    42 square feet
  • Q7
    How many square inches of wrapping paper would you need to wrap the box?
    Question Image
    1485 inches squared
    2970 inches squared
    399 inches squared
    798 inches squared
  • Q8
    Find the surface area of the rectangular pyramid (the bottom is open).
    Question Image
    1600 square cm
    1800 square cm
    2000 square cm
    2100 square cm
  • Q9
    What is the surface area?
    Question Image
    600.5 yards squared
    662.7 yards squared
    659.7 yards squared
    700 yards squared
  • Q10
    Calculate the surface area of the bases.
    Question Image
    850 square meters
    168 square meters
    84 square meters
  • Q11
    The attic shown is a triangular prism. Insulation will be placed inside all walls, not including the floor. How much insulation will be needed?
    Question Image
    9540 square feet
    1125 square feet
    1761 square feet
    1218 square feet
  • Q12
    The four sides of a rectangular shed are being painted. The shed measures 14 feet by 10 feet. It is 8 feet tall. A gallon of pain covers 250 square feet. How many gallons of paint are needed to cover the four walls of the shed?
    2 gallons
    1 gallon
    3 gallons
  • Q13
    Calculate the surface area.
    Question Image
    120 square meters
    92 square meters
    84 square meters

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