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Surfer Girl

Quiz by Charlene Kelly

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  • Q1
    What activity did Lucy enjoy before?
    horseback riding
  • Q2
    What event in the story made Lucy switch from riding to surfing?
    Lucy got tossed around in the surf
    Lucy meets Carlita
    Lucy sees a surf video
    Lucy falls off a horse
  • Q3
    Lucy wants to be part of the surfing Pro Tour. Traveling around the world to surf makes Lucy miss her friends at home. What can you conclude/infer from this information?
    Lucy doesn't want to become a professional surfer
    Lucy hates surfing
    Lucy is excited about meeting Carlita
    Lucy has mixed feelings about surfing
  • Q4
    Why does Lucy feel she is talking to her older self when speaking with Carlita?
    Carlita is almost the same age as Lucy
    Carlita has been through what Lucy is going through now
    Carlita and Lucy look alike
    Carlita is a beautiful Florida surfer that has amazing surf style.
  • Q5
    What is a theme of this story?
    The difference between being happy and successful at something
    its important to protect oceans
    too much money can ruin a person's life
    the difficulty of raising a family while working full time.
  • Q6
    What does "set her future in motion" mean in this sentence? "She resolved to spend the rest of summer at the beach. She would later recall this as the moment that set her future in motion.
    made her wonder where she would live
    caused her to act like a grown-up
    had a big impact on her life afterward
    made her decide on a job that involved driving
  • Q7
    Lucy likes some things about being a surfer _______dislikes others.

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