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Surviving Chemistry

Quiz by Hugh King

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26 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the first procedure you should follow when entering the room?

    Go to the lab station and throw papers in the sink.

    Ask Mr. King to go to the bathroom.

    Check the pick up basket for handout.

    Stand at Mrs. Schulze's desk and breathe her air.

  • Q2

    After picking up  your handout, what is step 2 in the arrival to class procedures?

    Ask to go to the vending machine.

    Ask to go to your previous class because you left something.

    Turn in your phone

    Complain about the temperature of the room.

  • Q3

    Mrs. Schulze loves when you hover at her desk.

    True or False
  • Q4

    Mr. King loves it when you ask to borrow his charger even though his phone is plugged in to it.

    True or False
  • Q5

    How would you know what the page number is for today's assignment?

    Ask your neighbor

    Call your mom, grandma, or aunt and see if they know...after all they sure text you a lot at school.

    Its on the daily agenda, week at a glance, and google classroom.

    Ask your teachers

  • Q6

    After picking up the handout, what is the first thing you should do upon arriving at your desk?

    Write your name, circle the period, and write the page number at the top.

    Throw the paper in the sink at the lab station.

    Put it in the basket under your seat.

    Throw the paper on the floor.

  • Q7

    You don't have a pencil or pen...what do you do?

    Ask to text your mom, grannie or aunt to bring you one.

    Sit there and do nothing.

    Complain that you weren't prepared for class.

    Ask to borrow one.

  • Q8

    Say you borrow a pencil, what do you do at the end of class?

    Give it back to the teacher

    Break it and throw it at a friend.

    Break it and throw it at the lab station, especially in the sink.

    Break it and throw it on the floor.

  • Q9

    You were absent, did you miss anything important.

    Of course not. We waited for you to come back to school. We were lost with out you.

    Yes. Of course. This is high school not pre-k

    Nope. This class is participation only.  

    Nah, we just watched movies and ate snacks.

  • Q10

    Where are all copies of your work located?

    In Binny.

    With Mr. King

    In the cart.

    With Mrs. Schulze

  • Q11

    Where is Binny?


    In the hall.

    At the front of the room.

    At the back of the room.

  • Q12

    Can I ever go to the vending machine during class.

    Of course, class isn't important.

    That's a hard no, because hangry you is a good look. 

    That's a hard no  because our boss said you can't, even though your SS teacher lets you.

    Of course, bring us snacks.

  • Q13

    Student: You got snacks?

    Teacher: _________________

    Yes. Of course. Any things you need? Money, pencils, a baked potato---make it loaded with sour cream, bacon and cheese. 

    No. I am poor because I chose a life of public service.

  • Q14

    When is the perfect time to come ask your teacher about your NTIs- the work you didn't do in August but you want full credit for....meaning just copy your friend's work?

    While your teacher is eating lunch.

    While your teacher is on the phone with someone else's parents.

    At the end of class, when the lesson is done and daily assignment is done.

    While your teacher is potty-ing....just yell loud enough we can hear.

  • Q15

    We love when you come by, knock on the door several times. Then when we stop class to open the door, you stand there and wave. 

    True or False

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