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  • Q1
    Which is the BEST definition of sustainability?
    to maintain something at a certain rate or level
    to stop desertification
    solar power
    to make an object that lasts forever
  • Q2
    When we talk about putting "goodness" back into the soil what are we really talking about?
    Animal manure
  • Q3
    LOOK AT THE PICTURE OF A TERRACE. Which of the statements completes the sentence "the lip of the grass stops..."
    Question Image
    wind blowing the soil off the terrace
    cattle from falling of the edge
    soil from being washed away
  • Q4
    In which continent do we find the country of Brazil? Type your answer out below.
    South America
  • Q5
    Which of these is NOT a way of using the rainforest sustainably?
    selective logging-only cutting down trees in small areas to allow others to grow
    chopping down trees to make space to grow palm oil
    eco tourism- allowing people to visit the rainforest if they help tocare for it and do not damage it
    planting new trees
  • Q6
    LOOK AT THE PICTURE OF COWS IN THE SAVANNA. Which of these is the correct start of the caption?
    Question Image
    cows add nutrients to the soil
    cows eat the grass
    cows trample the grass
  • Q7
    What is desertification?
    When the desert moves to a new place and covers the soil
    The process of fertile land turning into desert
    When people add sand to the soil
  • Q8
    What is the name we give to a place which is very hot and gets a lot of rainfall?
    A rainforest
    A savanna
    A desert
  • Q9
    What name do we give to a place that is very hot in the day, and recieves very little rainfall?
  • Q10
    An ecosystem is...
    a place where plants get eaten by animals, and those animals get eaten by larger animals and so on
    a place with a special tye of weather that no other place has
    a large community of living plants and animals that interact with their non living environment

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