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Quiz by Mallory Strelecky

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is the best way to contact Ms. Strelecky during school hours?
    work phone
    cell phone
    interrupt her class
  • Q2
    Which of these supplies is NOT required for this class?
    10 divider tabs
    a pencil
    a folder
  • Q3
    After missing a class due to an absence, field trip, or excused school event, how many days does a student have to turn in any assignments that he or she has missed for full credit?
  • Q4
    When is the deadline to submit vocabulary quizzes?
    24 hours after it is assigned
    at the start of class on its due date
    2 weeks after it is assigned
    by 4pm on its due date
  • Q5
    When is the deadline to turn in daily graded assignments?
    24 hours after it is assigned
    by 4pm the day after it is assigned
    at the start of class the day after it is assigned
    2 weeks after it is assigned
  • Q6
    Will late assignments turned in without a completed pass be graded?
  • Q7
    Which of these is NOT a classroom expectation?
    Food and candy are permitted.
    Raise your hand to speak, and listen to Ms. S and your fellow classmates when they are speaking.
    Be in your ASSIGNED seat and working on your warm up when the bell rings.
    Follow instructions the first time they are given.
  • Q8
    Employability is worth what percent of your quarter grade?
  • Q9
    When is at least one time of day that you can come in for remediation?
    before school from 7:30 am-8:25 am
    after school until 5:00 pm every Tuesday
    after school every Friday
    during lunch
  • Q10
    How do you know which days of a week Ms. Strelecky is available after school for remediation?
    look for the days highlighted on the calendar posted in the classroom
    come in after school on a day that works for you and ask her to stay that day
    ask the front office
    assume that she is available any day of any week

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