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  • Q1
    What is the CPU is responsible for?
    Allocating memory locations to save files
    All storage methods in your system
    The monitoring of the computer's temperature
    All of a computer’s processing
  • Q2
    When using the Von Neumann architecture computer programs and the data the programs are using are stored in the same memory, why?
    Question Image
    To save memory
    To speed up the processing time
    To complicate the process
    To make it easier for people to save things
  • Q3
    Which of the following is a characteristic of Random Access Memory (RAM)?
    Memory used to store running programs and to manipulate data
    Main memory as this is the memory we use first
    A source of memory to store your files such as your coursework
    Used to store boot up instructions for loading the OS
  • Q4
    What is the control Unit?
    The unit which allows the user to control the interface
    The unit that holds memory locations of data
    The control unit is a component of a computer's central processing unit that directs the operation of the processor
    The unit which effects the setting up peripheral devices
  • Q5
    Which of the following does the arithmetic logic unit not do?
    Arithmetic operations
    Shift operations
    Shift data flow
    Logical operations
  • Q6
    What is the Clock speed in relation to the CPU?
    The mbps where the computer sends data
    A physical flow of electricity within the computer
    The operating speed of the clock within the computer
    The operating speed of a computer or its microprocessor, expressed in cycles per second (megahertz).
  • Q7
    Which of these is true about the greater a CPU's clock speed?
    The quicker the CPU can cycle through instructions and complete tasks
    The more detailed the completion of tasks are done
    The slower the CPU handles instructions
    The quicker the main memory and secondary memory exchange data
  • Q8
    What impact does having more cores have on a CPU?
    Less cores are better for faster processing
    More cores means that the CPU does not need a heat sink
    The more cores, the more instructions can be processed at one time
    The more cores, the slower instructions are processed
  • Q9
    What is Cache memory?
    It is the largest group of memory in the hard disk
    It is a large piece of memory accessed by the CPU
    It is the place that instructions hardly used are stored
    It is a small amount of very fast, expensive memory in the CPU
  • Q10
    What is Level 1 Cache?
    Extremely fast but small (between 2-64KB), located very close to the processor
    The lowest part of the memory triangle
    Extremely slow and large in memory (2-64GB) and located far from the processor
    Extremely fast but large in memory (2-64GB) , located very close to the processor
  • Q11
    The fetching process in the fetch-decode-execute cycle carries out what role?
    The previous instruction and any data involved to be fetched from main memory
    It calculates the information passed through and sends out the outcome
    It holds the memory location for the next instruction
    The next instruction and any data involved to be fetched from main memory
  • Q12
    The decode process in the fetch-decode-execute cycle carries out what role?
    Completing the arithmetic calculations
    Decoding the circuits in the CPU
    Carries out the instruction once it has been calculated
    Decoding the instructions received
  • Q13
    The execute process in the fetch-decode-execute cycle carries out what role?
    Decodes the instructions being passed through
    Competes any arithmetic calculations
    Carries out the instruction at the end of the cycle
    Holds the memory location for the last instruction
  • Q14
    Which type of memory sits in the main memory?
    RAM (Random Access Memory)
    Solid State Disk
    Flash memory
    Hard Drive

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