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Tú and Usted/Ud.

Quiz by Yantze Zastrow

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Who would you use "tú" with
    The checkout person at the store.
    Your friend
    A pizza delevery person
    Your teacher
  • Q2
    Who would you use "tú" with?
    A new student at school
    Your parent's friends
    A waiter at Los Dos Potrillos
    Ms. Zastrow
  • Q3
    Would you use tú or usted/Ud. with your parental boss?
    Always usted/Ud.
    Always tú
    Normally usted unless you are in trouble.
    Normally tú unless you are in trouble and then you might switch to usted/Ud.
  • Q4
    Is "tú" formal or informal?
  • Q5
    Is using "tú" with adults being disrespectful?
    No, never
    It depends on the situation. Yes if it is someone you should be addressing with Sir or Ma'm, Mr. or Mrs. but if it is an adult that you wouldn't normal use those things with, then no.
    Yes, always
  • Q6
    How many people are you talking to if you use "tú"?
    Just 1
  • Q7
    How many people are you talking to if you use "usted/Ud."
    AHHHH so many adults and I get nervous talking to adults.
    Just 1
  • Q8
    Is it important that you have the mowhalk on the u in tú?
    Yes, because if you don't spell things perfectly and have all of the accent marks perfectly, all communication will be lost.
    No, autocorrect would correct it, if I was texting.
    No, Google would correct it, if I was typing.
    Yes, otherwise it means your and you.

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