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T. D. SAT ADV 0804

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  • Q1
    sanction (v.)
    to make unclear or confusing / 혼동시키다
    a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule; official permission or approval for an action / 제재/승인하다
    to officially make (a law) no longer valid / 폐지하다
    to scold, reprimand / 질책하다
  • Q2
    conservatively (adv.)
    forever (unclear when it will end) / 영원히 (언제 끝날지 명확하지 않은 상태로)
    undeservedly; at a level that is uncalled for or unreasonable / 과도하게, 과분하게
    brilliantly or excessively showy / 지나치게 화려하게 뽐내며; 허세부리며
    not aggressive or risk-takiing; carefully/safely / 과감하지 않게; 신중하게
  • Q3
    parameter (n.)
    a place where a person lives / 주거, 거주(지)
    moral excellence or righteousness / 덕, 미덕
    a numerical or other measurable factor forming one of a set that defines a system or sets the conditions of its operation / 매개변수
    a place or trip, usually far away, for rest and peace / 휴양지, 휴양하러 가는 여행
  • Q4
    conventional (adj.)
    slightly visible on the horizon (or ahead); upcoming / 어렴풋이 보이는
    following accepted customs; traditional (the way it's been done) / 관례적인, 원래부터 했었던 방식인
    acting or intending to appear better, more important, or distinguished, usually to impress / 허세부리는, 가식적인
    forbidden by law, rules, or custom / 불법의
  • Q5
    delicate (adj.)
    complex, intricate / 복잡한
    exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; easily broken or damaged / 은은하게 아름답거나; 잘 깨지거나 연약한
    not completely clear or transparent but clear enough to allow light to pass through / 반투명의
    in deep thoguht / 생각에 잠긴
  • Q6
    hubris (n.)
    excessive pride, arrogance / 오만
    total forgetfulness / 망각함
    dispute; a point of dispute or disagreement; act of disputing or disagreement / 반대 주장, 반대, 반대로 인해 생기는 분쟁
    a tool or equipment / 기구, 조직
  • Q7
    vapid (adj.)
    offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging; bland or dull / 싱거운
    generous and friendly to guests or visitors / 친절한
    increasing rapidly, growing exponentially / 기하급수적인
    behaving in a relaxed, confident, and pleasant way in social situations / 부드러운, 상냥한
  • Q8
    egalitarian (adj.)
    believing in equal rights and opportunities / 평등주의의
    adhering to social rules and manners / 매너있는, 차분한
    persistent, determined / 끈질긴
    characterized by unrest or disorder / 격동하는
  • Q9
    shrewd (adj.)
    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence / 영리한
    not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily / 말이 없는
    causing fear or apprehension, difficult to overcome / 굳세다
    complete and total / 완전한
  • Q10
    fashionable (adj.)
    exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; easily broken or damaged / 은은하게 아름답거나; 잘 깨지거나 연약한
    establishing, relating to, or deriving from a standard or norm / 규범의
    being up to date on latest trends / 유행을 따르는
    taught to accept a set of beliefs uncritically / 가담된
  • Q11
    whimsy (n.)
    a guiding principle or rule / 원칙, 교훈
    lack of seriousness, light-heartedness / 경박함
    something fancicul, odd, unusual, fun / 신비롭거나 신기한 것
    storage area or facility / 보고
  • Q12
    assimilate (v.)
    to narrate; to give an account of; to tell a story about / ~를 이야기 해주다
    to twist or weave together / 엮다, 얽히다
    to absorb or integrate into a larger group or culture / 동화되다
    to raise (something) especially by using ropes or machinery / 들어올리다
  • Q13
    discrepancy (n.)
    a difference (usually among things that should be consistent) / 차이, 격차
    support, guidance, or patronage / 보호, 지원
    the fundamental character or spirit / 윤리
    a long and complicated story with many details / 무용담
  • Q14
    converge (v.)
    to overlook; to not give proper attention or care towards / ~를 간과하다; ~를 (돌보지 않고) 방치하다; ~를 소홀히 관리하다
    to come together from different directions / 모이다
    to gradually become smaller / 줄이다
    to fix (so it doesn't move); to make firmer / ~을 지지하다, ~을 고정시키다
  • Q15
    antagonism (n.)
    something that diverts attention or prevents concentration / 산만함
    the top or highest point of something / 정점
    storage; stored amount / 저장분
    active opposition or hostility / 적대감

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