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Task 4

Quiz by Sayed Mohammed

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    When throwing a baseball, an athlete’s arm is rapidly stretched just before throwing the ball. Which of the following structures detects and responds to that stretch by reflexively increasing muscle activity?
    Golgi tendon organ
    muscle spindle
    Pacinian corpuscle
    extrafusal muscle
  • Q2
    When performing a heavy deadlift, a weightlifter must recruit a large percentage of motor units to achieve the lift. Which of the following structures detects the increased tension in a muscle and initiates a protective process that inhibits that same muscle?
    Golgi Tendon organ
    extrafusal muscle
    muscle spindle
    Pacinian corpuscle
  • Q3
    Which structures provide information needed to maintain tone and perform complex coordinated movements?
    Muscle spindles
    Golgi tendon organs
    Intrafusal fibers
  • Q4
    which of the following inhibits excessive tension in muscle?
    Muscle spindles
  • Q5
    Tapping on the tendon of the knee extensor muscle group below the patella causes …
    Inhibits the motor neuron
    Stretches extrafusal fiber
    Inhibits the sensory neuron
    Stretches the muscle fiber

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