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TCI History Alive Lesson 4- The Rise of Sumerian City-States- Content

Quiz by Dana DeNunzio

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    Uncontrolled water supply
    What is one factor that made farming difficult in the area of Sumer?
  • Q2
    They decided to move to the plains.
    What solution did people in the Zagros foothills find to fix the problem of food shortages?
  • Q3
    Increasing population
    What caused food shortages in Zagros foothills?
  • Q4
    The land was hard and dry and they were plains.
    How the environment of Sumer?
  • Q5
    Because they were cities and they acted like states.
    Why were Sumerian communites called city- states?
  • Q6
    Land between the rivers ''
    Mesopotamia is a Greek word that means the ''
  • Q7
    The Zagros foothills was near water.
    What made the Neolithic people to farm in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains?
  • Q8
    Protect themselves
    Why did people of Sumer constructed moats to?
  • Q9
    Mud Bricks
    What did Sumerians build strong walls with?
  • Q10
    They needed to work together to clean the canals.
    Why did the villages of Sumer depend on each other?
  • Q11
    The land was dry for most of the year.
    Why did the rivers flood in the Spring?
  • Q12
    To prevent flooding
    Why was the Levee built?
  • Q13
    To stop the flood of water so they can overflow to the crops.
    What was the main purpose of dams and reservoirs?
  • Q14
    Silt blocked the canals
    Why was silt a problem for the people of Sumer?
  • Q15
    It is located between two rivers.
    What do you know about Mesopotamia?.

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