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T.D.SAT ADV 0613

Quiz by 행정베테랑스

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80 questions
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  • Q1
    undermine (v.)
    to weaken; to bring down; to harm / ~을 손상하다, ~을 훼손하다, ~을 해치다
    to begin burning / 점화하다
    to apply to other, broader contexts or situations / ~를 다른 혹은 더 큰 개념이나 상황에 적용하다
    1. to form or make, especially by concentrated effort 2. to imitate (handwriting, a signature, etc.) fraudulently / 만들다; 날조하다
  • Q2
    discern (v.)
    to raise in quantity, degree, or intensity / ~을 높이다
    to argue against; to claim / (주로 반대하며) 주장하다
    to remedy or make amends for / 보상하다
    to perceive, recognize / 식별하다
  • Q3
    debunk (v.)
    to expose as false / ~가 틀렸음을 폭로/공개하다
    to go back and forth between choices or opinions / 망설이다
    to use up or consume / 소비하다
    to use up (resources or materials) / ~을 고갈시키다
  • Q4
    wistful (adj.)
    having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing / 그리워하는
    easily bent or flexible / 유연한
    chosen at will (usually without any real standards) / (내키는대로) 정해지거나 선택된
    characterized by unrest or disorder / 격동하는
  • Q5
    pliable (adj.)
    1. deeply religious 2. serious and sincere / 독실한
    easily bent or flexible / 유연한
    not showy or obtrusive; suppressing urges / 억제된, 억눌린, 절제된
    elaborately decorated or adorned / 화려한
  • Q6
    impeccable (adj.)
    involving or limited to basic principles / 기초적인
    not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something / 어울리지 않는
    able to read and write / 읽고 쓸 줄 아는
    flawless, without fault / 흠잡을 데 없는
  • Q7
    reiterate (v.)
    to achieve or reach a goal or desired objective / 얻다
    to feel or show grief or sadness / 애도하다
    to say, state, or perform again / ~을 반복하여 말하다
    to instill an idea or habit by persistent instruction / 주입하다
  • Q8
    supposition (n.)
    act of giving medication or some treatment / 투여
    an assumption or belief based on limited evidence or without proof / 가정
    the state of being first or most important / 우위
    a tendency to provoke dissension or discord / 분열시키는 성향
  • Q9
    tolerance (n.)
    acceptance or openness to different views / 관용, 허용
    1. the power of a liquid to make someone or something float 2. the ability of someone or something to continue to be happy, strong, etc., through difficult times / 1. 부력 2. 쾌활
    self-governance / 자치권
    a will to succeed; something one hopes to do / 성공하고자하는 소망; 이루고 싶은 것
  • Q10
    censure (v.)
    put into action (a wish or law) / (법, 소망 등을) 진행시키다, 실현시키다
    to criticize, condemn / 비난하다
    treat or regard someone with disrespect or contempt / 비하하다
    to combine or join together / 합병하다
  • Q11
    unfounded (adj.)
    necessary for a particular purpose / 필요한
    without basis or evidence / 근거없는
    of or relating to money and especially to the money a government, business, or organization earns, spends, and owes / 회계의
    not constant or steady / 간헐적인
  • Q12
    imperative (adj.)
    increasing, growing / 누적되는
    necessary for a particular purpose / 필요한
    characterized by an open mouth and a deep inhalation due to tiredness or boredom / 하품하는
    of vital importance; crucial / 필수적인
  • Q13
    perpetuate (v.)
    to make something continue indefinitely; to prolong / 영속시키다
    to condemn, criticize / 공개 비난하다
    to assign an assignment or task to someone / ~에게 ~하는 업무를 부여하다
    to allow or cause (something powerful) to happen suddenly / 촉발시키다
  • Q14
    innocuous (adj.)
    easy to like; agreeable / 마음에 드는, 호감이 가는
    very shocking or surprising / 놀라운
    not harmful or offensive / 무해한
    protected from danger or bad weather / 지켜지고 있는
  • Q15
    attendant (adj.)
    strongly influencing later developments / 영향력있는
    hostile, aggressive / 호전적인
    extremely poor / 극빈한
    accompanying or following as a consequence / 동반하는, 따르는

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