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T.D.SAT ADV 0704

Quiz by Do Hun Kim

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80 questions
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  • Q1
    cursory (adj.)
    hasty, superficial / 대충의
    not dense / 성긴, 드문드문한
    not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment / 단호한
    different, not similar / 다른, 같지 않은
  • Q2
    attenuate (v.)
    to limit; to cut short / ~을 제한하다; ~을 (예정보다 더 빠르게) 끝내다
    to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, or value / 약화시키다
    to praise / 찬양하다
    to cause to arise; to cause to happen rapidly / ~을 유도하다; ~을 (더 빠르게 일어나도록) 유도하다
  • Q3
    progressive (adj.)
    causing delay, procrastinating / 게으른
    seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive, not showing emotion / 금욕주의의, 감정을 보이지 않는
    moving forward; favoring reform / 진행형; 진보적인
    showing a favorable opinion / 이해를 통해 긍정적으로 생각하는
  • Q4
    reclamation (n.)
    the act of reclaiming or restoring / 개간
    self-governance / 자치권
    strong, unshaken belief / 신념
    implied meaning / 함축, 뉘앙스
  • Q5
    abstruse (adj.)
    feeling hopeless / 절망적인
    peaceful, calm / 고요한, 잔잔한
    assuming power or authority without justification / 거만한
    difficult / 난해한
  • Q6
    contradictory (adj.)
    unable to be both true at the same time / 모순된
    very happy / 환호하는
    worn away so that threads show / 닳아빠진, 초라한, 너덜너덜한
    having a very noticeable quality that attracts a lot of attention / 화려한
  • Q7
    condemn (v.)
    to grant rights, freedom / 투표권을 주다
    to use up or consume / 소비하다
    to order someone / 명령하다
    to express strong disapproval of / ~에 대해 강하게 비판하다
  • Q8
    astute (adj.)
    having a very eager approach to an activity; having a strong desire for a particular thing / 게걸스러운
    avoiding the company of other people; solitary / 은둔적인
    lacking clarity or logical connection / 불분명한
    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence / 눈치 빠른, 교활한
  • Q9
    whereby (adv.)
    by which; through which / ~로 인해
    in this document, fact, or statement / 여기에
    essentially, basically, in most reasonable respects / 실질적으로, 실제로는, 사실상
    too (surpassing a reasonable limit) / 지나치게
  • Q10
    ingratiate (v.)
    to extend or project beyond known information / 외삽하다
    to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone / 비방하다
    to gain favor or acceptance through deliberate effort / 아첨하다
    to overstate, magnify / 과장하다
  • Q11
    undaunted (adj.)
    not deserving / 자격이 없는
    about to happen, near / 임박한
    unmistakable, clear; majorly influencing a result / 압도적으로 명백한; 결정적인
    not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment / 단호한
  • Q12
    interminable (adj.)
    endless or seemingly endless / 끝없는
    uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous / 떠들썩한
    man-made / 인공적인
    of or related to citizens / 시민의
  • Q13
    prose (n.)
    physical strength and energy / 활기
    written or spoken language in its ordinary form / 산문
    a pause or gap in a sequence / 틈, 중단
    a state or situation in which a person is alone usually because the person wants to be / 고독
  • Q14
    hinder (v.)
    to regard with deep respect or reverence / 숭배하다
    to disagree; to be of different opinion / ~와 의견을 달리하다
    to spread, distribute / 보급하다
    to put at a disadvantage; to prevent the progress or accomplishment of / ~을 방해하다, ~을 저지하다
  • Q15
    aphorism (n.)
    a complicated network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way / 미로
    a stock of plays, dances, or pieces that a company or a performer knows or is prepared to perform / 레퍼토리
    a concise statement / 경구, 격언
    the desire to promote the welfare of others, usually through donations or charitable acts / 자선

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