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T.D.SAT ADV W11-Due 4/10

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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80 questions
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  • Q1
    docile (adj.)
    understood or implied without being stated / 암묵적인
    easily taught, led, or controlled / 온순한
    politely pleasant and friendly / 다정한
    having no precedent; novel; never before seen / 전례가 없는, 전에 없던
  • Q2
    effete (adj.)
    not real or genuine / 가짜의
    having a tendency for / ~을 믿는 편인, ~하는 경향이 있는
    lacking strength, courage, or spirit / 쇠퇴한, 무력한, 힘이 빠진
    next to or adjoining something / 인접한
  • Q3
    evaporate (v.)
    to justify; to show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for / ~을 정당화하다
    to bring to light; to reveal / ~을 발견하다, ~을 밝히다
    to go away suddenly; to disappear or vanish / 증발하다
    to happen or appear repeatedly / 되풀이되다
  • Q4
    hoist (v.)
    to gather / 모으다
    to stop (someone) from doing or expressing something / 억누르다
    to raise (something) especially by using ropes or machinery / 들어올리다
    to control, overpower / 지배하다
  • Q5
    impel (v.)
    to cause (someone) to feel a strong need or desire to do something / ~ 해야만 하게 하다
    to spread, distribute / 보급하다
    to cause confusion or disarray; to mix up or jumble / 혼란시키다
    to exceed in importance or value / ~보다 뛰어나다
  • Q6
    malediction (n.)
    curse / 악담, 저주
    balance or interplay between opposing elements; feeling of suspense in midst of potential conflict or problem / 긴장된 상태 (상반된 것들의 대립, 혹은 어떤 불안이나 우려로 인한)
    1. the quality or state of having more power, 2. authority; or status / 1. 지배, 2. 최고
    something illusory and unattainable / 신기루
  • Q7
    mendacious (adj.)
    1. not honest; likely to tell lies 2. based on lies / 거짓의
    old; no longer in use or valid or fashionable; no longer in use / 쓸모없게 된
    impressive or grand in appearance / 인상적인
    able to read and write / 읽고 쓸 줄 아는
  • Q8
    mythical (adj.)
    insincere, deceitful / 위선적인
    based on or described in a myth / 신화의
    showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness / 순진한
    lack of symmetry; an imbalance between two parties / 비대칭인
  • Q9
    pathetic (adj.)
    kind, generous / 자비로운
    confused / 당혹스러운, 혼란스러운
    causing feelings of sadness and sympathy / 불쌍한, 애처로운
    originating or occurring naturally in a particular place / 토착의, 원산의
  • Q10
    preamble (n.)
    an indirect reference to something or someone / 암시
    the act of gathering or collecting / 집합, 모임
    a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit / 거장, 명인
    a statement that is made at the beginning of something (such as a legal document) and usually gives the reasons for the parts that follow / 머리말
  • Q11
    salvage (v.)
    to work together / 협력하다
    to describe (something) before it happens / 예언하다
    to save something (such as a building, a ship, or cargo) that is in danger of being completely destroyed / 구조하다
    to cause to arise; to cause to happen rapidly / ~을 유도하다; ~을 (더 빠르게 일어나도록) 유도하다
  • Q12
    showy (adj.)
    displaying vigor; energetic / 생기있는, 살아 움직이는, 활발한
    possible; capable of being done / 실행 가능한
    having an appearance that attracts attention / 현란한
    not completely clear or transparent but clear enough to allow light to pass through / 반투명의
  • Q13
    stereotype (n.)
    an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic / 고정관념
    calmness, composure / 평정, 침착
    bitter verbal attack / 비난, 격렬한 비판
    deviation from norm / 이상, 기형
  • Q14
    castigate (v.)
    to squeeze, tighten / 압축하다
    to make more difficult / 복잡하게 하다
    to prevent (someone) from doing something or to stop (something) from happening / 훼방 놓다
    to criticize harshly / 징계하다
  • Q15
    clan (n.)
    belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine / 이단
    a preconceived opinion or idea / 선입견
    oppressive government or rule / 억압하는 정부/통치, 독재
    a large group of people who are related / 집단 (무리)

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