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  • Q1
    moribund (adj.)
    habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition; deliberate / 자기 의지가 강한 (그래서 반항을 주로 많이 하는); 의도적인
    causing extremism; pushing to two separate extremes / ~를 편갈라 분열되도록 하다
    in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor / 쇠퇴하는
    generous and forgiving, especially toward a rival or less powerful person / 관대한
  • Q2
    margin (n.)
    a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better / 자기만족
    the edge or border of something / 여백
    self-governance / 자치권
    a journey to a faraway place, usually by sea / (바다로) 여행하다
  • Q3
    suffrage (n.)
    a deductive scheme of a formal argument consisting of a major and a minor premise and a conclusion / 삼단논법
    a combination or mixture of things / 합성, 혼합
    support, guidance, or patronage / 보호, 지원
    legal right to vote / 투표권, 선거권, 참정권
  • Q4
    cryptic (adj.)
    attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous / 눈부신
    impossible to defeat or overcome / 정복할 수 없는
    hostile, aggressive / 호전적인
    mysterious, puzzling / 수수께끼 같은
  • Q5
    trivia (n.)
    the act of separating or isolating certain groups / 분리
    tyrant, dictator / 독재자
    a fact (usually insignificant and small) / 잡동사니 정보
    a consequence or branching out / 결과, 분기
  • Q6
    emotive (adj.)
    not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily / 말이 없는
    lacking in some essential quality or element / 결핍된
    related to beauty and the way things look / 미학의, 심미적인
    arousing or expressing strong feelings / 감정을 자극하는
  • Q7
    compliance (n.)
    the act or process of getting rid of something / 처분
    question / 질문
    the act of obeying rules, laws, or regulations / 준수
    explanation or justification for something / 이유에 대한 설명
  • Q8
    remedy (v.)
    to make up for / ~을 만회하다, (부족했던 것을 대신해) 메꾸다, ~을 보상하다
    to make (something) illegal / 불법화하다
    to go on someone's land without permission, which is considered as a crime / 침해하다
    to provide solution; to heal; to fix / ~을 바로잡다, ~을 원상복귀시키다 (치료하다)
  • Q9
    subordinate (adj.)
    lower in rank or position / 부하의
    very small / 1. adj. 작은 2. n. 모형
    1. one possessing or held to possess supreme political power 2. independent and not under the authority of any other country / 1. 군주 2. 독립된
    corrosive, critical / 부식성 있는, 비판적인
  • Q10
    municipality (n.)
    beginning / 시작
    the edge or border of something / 여백
    (usually, not always showing arrogance) by acting as if someone is below your level / 생색내는 듯한 태도, 자기를 낮추는 (주로 오만한) 태도
    a local government organization in a specific area / 지방자치단체
  • Q11
    inconclusive (adj.)
    politely pleasant and friendly / 다정한
    relating to a system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and individual states or provinces / 연방의
    based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence / 추측성의
    not leading to a definite conclusion / 결론이 없는
  • Q12
    retreat (n.)
    a failing or deficiency / 결점, 단점, 흠
    quality, level / 수준
    an assertion offering support for a fact; a solemn statement given under oath / 증언, 증거
    a place or trip, usually far away, for rest and peace / 휴양지, 휴양하러 가는 여행
  • Q13
    establish (v.)
    set up on a firm or permanent basis / 설립하다
    prevent or obstruct / (~가 일어나지 않도록) 방해하다
    a record of a count or score; to count or record / 기록/계산하다
    to attach firmly / ~을 고정시키다
  • Q14
    incompatible (adj.)
    following in time or order / 후속하는, 뒤따르는
    many and of various types / 다양한
    not able to exist or work together / 호환되지 않는
    on purpose / 고의
  • Q15
    pathway (n.)
    courage, strength of mind / 인내, 불굴의 정신
    fearful expectation or anticipation / (끔찍한 것에 대한) 두려움
    moving away in different directions from a common point / (같이 있던 것이) 분리 혹은 서로 멀어짐
    paths nerves, cells, or chemicals take to signal or reach each other in the body. / (화학적, 신경적 신호등이 전달이 되는) 경로

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