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  • Q1
    ecstatic (adj.)
    unconventional, peculiar / 별난, 기이한
    likely to happen or be true / 있음직한
    extremely happy, overjoyed / 황홀한
    having or showing the attitude of people who speak and behave in a very formal and serious way because they believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people / 거만한
  • Q2
    imposing (adj.)
    slim, narrow, or little in quantity / 얇은, 날씬한; 부족한, 불충분한, 제한된
    very bad or unpleasant / 비열한
    impressive or grand in appearance / 인상적인
    having little substance; weak (in terms of connection or relation) / 얇은, 가느다란; (연결이) 약한
  • Q3
    probe (v.)
    1. to suddenly increase to an unusually high level 2. to move very quickly and suddenly in a particular direction / 급등(하다), 쇄도(하다)
    esteem lightly; assign too low a value to; lose in value / ~을 과소평가하다, ~을 저평가하다
    to assign to a lower or less important position / 강등시키다
    a thorough investigation or explore deeply / 조사하다
  • Q4
    enlighten (v.)
    oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions; destroy property or hinder normal operations; act in opposition to; oppose or check by a counteraction / ~을 거스르다
    to speed up the progress of / ~을 빨리 보내다, ~가 더 빨리 되게 하다
    to inform, educate / 깨우치다
    to clear from blame, prove innocent / 무죄를 입증하다
  • Q5
    travesty (n.)
    an external appearance or semblance / 외관, 모습
    a cell or organ that receives and responds to stimuli / 수용체
    the act of confirming or verifying / 확인
    a distorted or grotesque imitation or representation / 희화
  • Q6
    evoke (v.)
    to produce and release a substance / 분비하다
    to call to mind; to bring forth / ~를 (생각, 감정 등을) 불러오다
    to support / ~를 지지하다, ~를 더 강력하게 하다
    to contradict / ...의 것이 아니다
  • Q7
    extol (v.)
    to provoke or stir up; to urge on; to cause to act; to give an incentive for action / ~을 자극하다, ~을 도발하다
    prevent or obstruct / (~가 일어나지 않도록) 방해하다
    to make weak / 쇠약하게 하다
    to praise, glorify, or honor / ~을 칭찬하다, ~을 격찬하다
  • Q8
    florid (adj.)
    excessively ornate, flowery / 화려한, 과장된
    showing a favorable opinion / 이해를 통해 긍정적으로 생각하는
    mysterious, puzzling / 수수께끼 같은
    being up to date on latest trends / 유행을 따르는
  • Q9
    servitude (n.)
    an ability to meet and handle a situation / 재주
    state of being a slave or completely subject / 노예상태
    explanation or justification for something / 이유에 대한 설명
    quantity more than needed (too much) / 넘치는 것
  • Q10
    pedagogical (adj.)
    relating to teaching or education / 교육적인
    endless or seemingly endless / 끝없는
    lacking a plan or purpose / 계획이 없는
    not attractive; not persuasive or compelling / 매력없는, 호소력없는
  • Q11
    chronicle (n.)
    one who precedes you in time (as in holding a position or office) / 전신, 전에 사용되었던 물건
    a person one knows (but not necessarily a close friend) / 지인, (그냥) 아는 사람
    a record of past events / 연대기, 시간순으로 된 서술
    a channel or means of transmitting / 도관, 매개체
  • Q12
    cohesion (n.)
    the act of pacifying / 달래기
    unity, togetherness / 결합, 유대감
    self-governance / 자치권
    a clear appearance or expression / 현시, 출현, 나타남
  • Q13
    sensible (adj.)
    showing reason or sound judgment / 합리적이고 올바른 판단을 하는
    serving to assist or support / 자회사
    giving or involving instructions or orders / 지시적인
    easily fooled or cheated, especially quick to believe something that is not true / 잘 속는
  • Q14
    agitate (v.)
    to stimulate, stir, or rouse / ~를 휘젓다, ~에 자극을 주다
    to portray as less serious or significant / ~가 더 작거나 덜 중요한 것 처럼 얘기하다
    to make stronger (claim or strucuture); strengthen and support behaviors and beliefs with rewards / (믿음, 주장, 행동 등)~을 강화하다
    to fight for or defend publicly / ~을 옹호하다, 대변하다
  • Q15
    consternation (n.)
    dismay, anxiety / 경악, 당황
    a consequence or branching out / 결과, 분기
    critical observation or examination / 세심한 조사
    (usually, not always showing arrogance) by acting as if someone is below your level / 생색내는 듯한 태도, 자기를 낮추는 (주로 오만한) 태도

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