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  • Q1
    enervate (v.)
    to pass into or through (something) / 침투하다
    to weaken, exhaust / 약화시키다
    to slow down the development or progress of (something) / 지체시키다
    to cease developing or progressing / 정체되다
  • Q2
    watershed (n.)
    closeness / 근접함
    a fake act / 가식, 위장, 사기극
    a typical example or pattern of something / 패러다임
    a critical point or turning point / 분수령, 양묘
  • Q3
    consummate (adj.)
    having leaves that fall off every year / 매년 잎이 떨어지는
    complete, perfect / 완전한, 완성된
    having dominant influence or control / 지배적인
    dangerously high or steep / 가파른
  • Q4
    quintessence (n.)
    the relative tendency or disposition to be sociable or associate with one's fellows / 사교성, 붙임성
    the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class / 본질
    inclination or disposition towards something / 성향
    things that are provided (usually, "things" like articles mentioned in a contract or law) / 제공된 것; 법이나 계약서에 명시된 부분
  • Q5
    graciousness (n.)
    a fraud, impostor / 사기꾼, 돌팔이
    the quality of being kind and gentle / 은혜로움
    memory, or recall of a memory / 기억, 혹은 기억한다는 것
    something that diverts attention or prevents concentration / 산만함
  • Q6
    posit (v.)
    to assume as fact; to offer as basis of argument / ~을 가정하다
    to replace or take the place of / 대체하다
    to hold back or suppress / 억압하다
    to speak, plead, or argue in favour of; to push for something / 지지하다, 옹호하다, (~를 하자고) 주장하다
  • Q7
    ornate (adj.)
    held, filled, or seized by something / 채워진, 사용 중인, 점령된
    boring because it is always the same / 단조로운
    elaborately decorated or adorned / 화려한
    small, tiny / 작은, 소형
  • Q8
    interject (v.)
    to provide solution; to heal; to fix / ~을 바로잡다, ~을 원상복귀시키다 (치료하다)
    to clear (someone) of blame or suspicion / 무죄임을 입증하다
    to talk about it very proudly in an offensive way / 자랑하다
    to insert between other elements / ~에 불쑥 끼어들다 혹은 끼우다
  • Q9
    normative (adj.)
    skillful / 솜씨 좋은
    outdated, old-fashioned / 구식의
    establishing, relating to, or deriving from a standard or norm / 규범의
    complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something / 포괄적인
  • Q10
    modicum (n.)
    acceptance or openness to different views / 관용, 허용
    diligence; hard-working attitude / 부지런함
    a small amount or quantity / 소량
    a merger / 합병
  • Q11
    shortcoming (n.)
    a failing or deficiency / 결점, 단점, 흠
    a very deep unfriendly feeling / 원한
    a situation in which soldiers or police officers surround a city, building, etc., in order to try to take control of it / 포위
    a critical point or turning point / 분수령, 양묘
  • Q12
    incidental (adj.)
    possible; capable of being done / 실행 가능한
    giving or involving instructions or orders / 지시적인
    happening as a minor or secondary aspect / 부수적인
    relating to a particular subject, art, or craft, or its techniques / 기술적인
  • Q13
    dominate (v.)
    to treat (something or someone) with respect or seriousness / 위엄있게 하다
    to allow or endure the presence of something unpleasant / ~을 참다, ~을 견디다
    to be a perfect example of / 대표하다
    to control, overpower / 지배하다
  • Q14
    inertia (n.)
    a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged / 관성
    dismay, anxiety / 경악, 당황
    a sudden realization / 깨달음
    an obstacle or impediment / 방해, 장애
  • Q15
    facilitate (v.)
    to criticize, belittle / 비하하다, 깔보다
    to make easier; to make something more likely to happen / ~을 용이하게 하다, ~을 쉽게 하다
    to vary, expand variety / 다양화하다
    to grow stronger; to gain in wealth / 번영하다

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