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  • Q1
    querulous (adj.)
    difficult / 난해한
    complaining in a petulant or whining manner / 투덜거리는
    contrary to what intuition would suggest / 직관과 반대되는
    simple, plain / 엄격한, 소박한
  • Q2
    intangible (adj.)
    not physical, unable to be grasped / 물리적이지 않은
    moving about aimlessly or irregularly / 떠도는
    massive, solid, uniform, or unyielding in character / 거대한, 단일체의
    designed to deceive or mislead / 잘못 안내하는, 잘못 인도하는
  • Q3
    insurmountable (adj.)
    1. continuing forever or for a very long time without stopping; 2. having a particular characteristic or effect that does not reverse or change / 1. 오랫동안 끊임 없이 계속되는; 2. 영구적인
    slightly visible on the horizon (or ahead); upcoming / 어렴풋이 보이는
    clever in a dishonest way / 교활한
    too great to be overcome / 극복할 수 없는
  • Q4
    lexicon (n.)
    moving away in different directions from a common point / (같이 있던 것이) 분리 혹은 서로 멀어짐
    the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge / 어휘
    a typical example or pattern of something / 패러다임
    a cell or organ that receives and responds to stimuli / 수용체
  • Q5
    amplitude (n.)
    substance that creates color in clothes, paint, etc / 색을 내는 물질
    the extent or size of something / 크기
    the ancient past; the quality of being ancient / 고대
    an agreement / 협의
  • Q6
    colloquial (adj.)
    careless (a bad idea) / 생각이 짧은, 경솔한
    informal, conversational / 구어체의
    sharp and intense; able to make a strong impression / 날카로운
    very high and good; deserving to be admired / 숭고한, 고상한
  • Q7
    span (v.)
    to pardon / 용서하다
    combine to form a more complex product / ~를 합성하다
    to wear; to show / ~을 보이다, 드러내고 있다
    to extend across or cover a period of time; a range or extent / 걸치다
  • Q8
    indomitable (adj.)
    past due; not paid at the scheduled time / 진작 했어야 하는
    impossible to defeat or subdue / 굴하지 않는
    old; no longer in use or valid or fashionable / 구식의, 더 이상 유효하지 않은
    excessive, unreasonably high / 과도한
  • Q9
    warrant (v.)
    to eliminate, remove / 근절하다
    to justify; to show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for / ~을 정당화하다
    to feel a strong desire or wish for something or to do something / 염원하다
    to speak in an angry and critical way to / 꾸짖다
  • Q10
    poignant (adj.)
    of or from outside the Earth / 외계의, 지구 밖의
    excessive, unreasonably high / 과도한
    just beginning to exist or develop / 초기의
    arousing intense emotion / 가슴에 사무치는
  • Q11
    empathy (n.)
    information that makes more convincing; strengthening of approved behavior or belief / 보강
    critics, those who disparage / 비평자들
    understanding another's feelings / 공감
    a typical example or pattern of something / 패러다임
  • Q12
    transplant (v.)
    to separate or divide based on certain criteria / 분리하다
    to lift/remove and place somewhere else / ~을 (통채로) 옮기다
    to find out, to figure out / ~인지 확인하다, ~인지 알아내다
    oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions; destroy property or hinder normal operations; act in opposition to; oppose or check by a counteraction / ~을 거스르다
  • Q13
    truncate (v.)
    to take away; to keep from / ~에게서 ~을 빼앗다
    to make up for something excessively, at times due to guilt or fear / 과잉보상하다, 과잉보완하다
    to shorten by cutting off a part / 절단하다
    to imitate, mimic / 모방하다
  • Q14
    acquiesce (v.)
    to comply / 순응하다
    to agree with someone or something / 합의하다, 일치하다
    to erase, obliterate / 지우다, 삭제하다
    to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, or value / 약화시키다
  • Q15
    magnanimous (adj.)
    without basis or evidence / 근거없는
    generous and forgiving, especially toward a rival or less powerful person / 관대한
    unnecessary, especially through being more than enough / 불필요한
    recurring again and again / 반복적인

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