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  • Q1
    pledge (n.)
    the state of being widespread or ever-present / 어디에나 존재함
    dismay, anxiety / 경악, 당황
    a serious promise or agreemen / 맹세(하다)
    physical strength and energy / 활기
  • Q2
    congenia (adj.)
    suitable or appropriate, pleasant and enjoyable / 호의적인
    difficult to catch or understand / 회피하는, 잡기 힘든
    behaving in a relaxed, confident, and pleasant way in social situations / 부드러운, 상냥한
    evident without proof or argument / 자명한
  • Q3
    monotonous (adj.)
    showing lack of favoritism; free from undue bias or preconceived opinions / 공정한, 공평한, 편견없는
    childishly sulky or bad-tempered / 심술궂은
    childishly sulky or bad-tempered / 심술궂은
    boring because it is always the same / 단조로운
  • Q4
    precaution (n.)
    something that is done to prevent possible harm or trouble from happening in the future / 예방책
    the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing / 수사학
    a system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy / 이념
    the death of all its remaining living members / 소멸
  • Q5
    superb (adj.)
    strongly reminiscent or suggestive of something / (향기가) 가득한
    required by a law or rule / 필수의
    excellent / 위대한
    anxious about an uncertain future; having opposing or conflicting elements in balance / 긴장된; 긴장된 (상반된 것들의 대립이 있는, 혹은 어떤 불안이나 우려로 인한)
  • Q6
    terminate (v.)
    to end; or to cause to end / 끝내다
    to make appear more important/significant / ~를 부풀리다
    to consider or think something to be true or probable / 생각하다
    to invent, plan, or create something / 고안하다
  • Q7
    brittle (adj.)
    easily broken or cracked / 깨지기 쉬운
    sad, depressed / 낙담한
    possible; capable of being done / 실행 가능한
    relating to meaning in language / 의미론적
  • Q8
    chronically (adv.)
    up until now; until this time / 지금까지
    essentially, basically, in most reasonable respects / 실질적으로, 실제로는, 사실상
    continuing or occurring again and again for a long time / 만성적으로
    naturally, not artificially / 유기적으로, 자연스럽게
  • Q9
    clumsy (adj.)
    moving or doing things awkwardly and tending to drop or break things / 어색한, 부주의한
    very serious / 심각한, 중대한
    passed down from parent to child / 유전적인
    intended to correct or remedy / 교정적인
  • Q10
    deploy (v.)
    to organize and send out (people or things) to be used for a particular purpose / 배치하다
    align or position something relative to a known point or landmark / 정렬하다
    1. to spend a lot of time with people 2. ruling monarch's wife or husband / 1. 어울리다 2. 배우자 (통치자의)
    to weaken, exhaust / 약화시키다
  • Q11
    exhilarate (v.)
    to make someone inclined or susceptible / 성향을 갖게 하다
    to violate, go against / 위반하다
    to distribute accordingly / ~에 ~을 할당하다
    to cause someone to feel very happy and excited / 활력을 주다
  • Q12
    frugal (adj.)
    of vital importance; crucial / 필수적인
    having or showing keenness of insight, understanding, or intuition / 통찰력 있는
    responsive to suggestion or control / 순응하는
    using money or supplies in a very careful way / 검소한
  • Q13
    implication (n.)
    1. a possible future effect or result 2. something that is suggested without being said directly / something that is implied / 1. 영향 (결과) 2. 암시
    a difficult problem / 곤란한 문제
    act of changing something or making it different / 수정, 수선
    the state of not having something that people need / 박탈
  • Q14
    intermittent (adj.)
    never-ceasing; not giving up / 포기할 줄 모르는, 저돌적으로 추구하는
    not constant or steady / 간헐적인
    in a state of disrepair / 낡은, 황폐한
    without reservation, exception, or condition; not hidden / 전면적인, 공공연한
  • Q15
    discreet (adj.)
    polite and careful in what to do or say / 신중한
    producing beneficial effects / 유익한
    preventing or hindering something / 막는, 방해하는
    official / 타당한

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