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  • Q1
    authoritarian (adj.)
    immediate, going to occur soon / 임박한
    based on a mistaken belief / 잘못된, 허위의
    having absolute rule/power / 권위주의의, 독재주의의
    careless (a bad idea) / 생각이 짧은, 경솔한
  • Q2
    arid (adj.)
    not genuine; showing no honest reflection / 거짓의, 위선의
    of momentous or ominous significance / 전조적인
    extremely dry or lacking in interest / 건조한
    of great importance or significance / 중대한
  • Q3
    hamper (v.)
    to separate or divide based on certain criteria / 분리하다
    to walk in an awkward way / 헤매다
    to prevent the progress or free movement of; to put at a disadvantage / ~을 방해하다; ~가 성공하지 못하도록 조치를 취하다
    to cause to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely / 촉진하다, 촉발하다
  • Q4
    voyage (n.)
    a journey to a faraway place, usually by sea / (바다로) 여행하다
    a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity / 방법론
    a failing or deficiency / 결점, 단점, 흠
    the act of gathering or collecting / 집합, 모임
  • Q5
    oscillate (v.)
    to remove someone from a powerful position / 물러나게 하다
    control or maintain the rate or speed of (a machine or process) so that it operates properly / 규제하다
    to swing back and forth between two points or ideas / 흔들다, 동요하다
    to make (someone) poor / 가난하게 하다
  • Q6
    apprehend (v.)
    to arrest someone for a crime, or to understand or perceive something / 체포하다
    to destroy completely / 완전히 파괴하다
    to give up / ~을 놓다, 포기하다
    to justify; to show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for / ~을 정당화하다
  • Q7
    nurture (v.)
    to talk at length in a foolish or inconsequential way / 수다를 떨다
    to cause; to promote / ~을 이끌다, ~에 동력이 되다
    to help develop and grow / 육성하다, 키우다
    to attach firmly / ~을 고정시키다
  • Q8
    simultaneous (adj.)
    doing, giving, saying in an unwilling or reluctant way / 마지못해 하는
    not moving, unable to move / 움직일 수 없는
    occurring, operating, or done at the same time / 동시에
    capable of being easily spread to others / 전염성의
  • Q9
    precedent (n.)
    an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in similar circumstances / 전례
    a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one / 곤경
    a person or force that opposes the protagonist / 적대자, 반대자
    the state of not moving or developing / 침체, 정체
  • Q10
    heinous (adj.)
    understood or implied without being stated / 암묵적인
    done or made in a gradual or fragmented manner / 단편적인
    lacking energy or vitality / 무기력한
    extremely wicked, abhorrent / 악랄한
  • Q11
    exponential (adj.)
    increasing rapidly, growing exponentially / 기하급수적인
    1. of or relating to the earliest age or period 2. very simple and basic / 1. 원시의, 2. 발달 초기의
    not based on valid reasoning or facts / 부적절한
    lacking skill or competence / 서투른
  • Q12
    exhibit (v.)
    to show or display / ~을 전시하다, ~를 보여주다
    to influence or persuade to do something by talking in a gentle / 구슬리다
    to fill or pervade with a quality or substance / 스며들게 하다
    to allow or endure the presence of something unpleasant / ~을 참다, ~을 견디다
  • Q13
    incessant (adj.)
    lower in rank or position / 부하의
    possible to do or achieve / 실행 가능한
    relating to or located on a continent / 대륙의
    uninterrupted, not ending / 그칠 새 없는, 끊임없는, 부단한, 멈추지 않는
  • Q14
    incorporate (v.)
    to emphasize or highlight / 강조하다
    to express criticism towards; to admonish / ~를 비판하다; ~를 혼내다
    to include; to make a part of something / ~을 포함시키다; 전체에 일부를 포함시키다
    to put at a disadvantage; to prevent the progress or accomplishment of / ~을 방해하다, ~을 저지하다
  • Q15
    confounding (adj.)
    forced or driven to do something / 강제된
    mysterious, understood by few / 신비한, 난해한
    rich in decorative detail / ~을 ~로 장식된, ~을 ~로 꾸며진
    causing confusion or surprise / 혼란스러운

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