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T.D.SAT INT 0726

Quiz by Do Hun Kim

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80 questions
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  • Q1
    populate (v.)
    to live in (a country, city, area, etc.); to make up the population of (a place) / 거주시키다
    to endure or offer resistance to somebody or something / ~을 견디다
    cause (a person or place) to be or remain alone or apart from others / 고립시키다
    to give something as a gift or hono / 제공하다, 부여하다
  • Q2
    tepid (adj.)
    intended to correct or remedy / 교정적인
    likely to happen or be true / 있음직한
    informal, conversational / 구어체의
    not hot and not cold / 미온적인
  • Q3
    waver (v.)
    to reply quickly and sharply in response to a comment or accusation / 날카로운 대답을 하다
    to go back and forth between choices or opinions / 망설이다
    to gain the good will of; to make peace with / ~을 달래다
    to suppress; to limit / ~을 억제하다
  • Q4
    coax (v.)
    to bring to light; to reveal / ~을 발견하다, ~을 밝히다
    to produce and release a substance / 분비하다
    to expose as false / ~가 틀렸음을 폭로/공개하다
    to influence or persuade to do something by talking in a gentle / 구슬리다
  • Q5
    concur (v.)
    to agree with someone or something / 합의하다, 일치하다
    to clear (someone) of blame or suspicion / 무죄임을 입증하다
    to put at risk; pose a threat to; present a danger to / ~을 위험에 빠뜨리다, ~을 위태롭게 하다
    a record of a count or score; to count or record / 기록/계산하다
  • Q6
    despicable (adj.)
    causing fear or apprehension, difficult to overcome / 굳세다
    causing delay, procrastinating / 게으른
    very bad or unpleasant / 비열한
    not paying careful attention / 부주의한
  • Q7
    divulge (v.)
    to give information to someone / 누설하다
    to grow prosperous / 번창하다
    to do away with; to repeal (a law or practice) / ~을 폐지하다, ~을 파기하다
    to swing back and forth between two points or ideas / 흔들다, 동요하다
  • Q8
    gaiety (n.)
    the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles / 정직, 무결성
    a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind; a forerunner / 선구자
    priority or ranking of importance / 우선순위
    a quality of happiness and liveliness / 즐거움
  • Q9
    impregnable (adj.)
    very cold / 차가운
    involving logical inferences / 논리적으로 추론적인
    not able to be captured by attack / 난공불락의
    combined into one whole / 통합된, 합병된
  • Q10
    maladroit (adj.)
    cheerfully irresponsible; free of trouble and worry and care / 근심 걱정이 없는
    man-made / 인공적인
    better than others / 걸출한
    very awkward / 서툰
  • Q11
    overbearing (adj.)
    accessible; easy to talk to / 접근 가능한
    often trying to control the behavior of other people in an annoying or unwanted way / 고압적인
    showing awareness or attention to / ~에 대해 사려 깊은, ~에 신경쓰는
    peaceful, calm / 고요한, 잔잔한
  • Q12
    reprehensible (adj.)
    causing confusion; unclear / 수수께끼 같은
    small, insignificant / 사소한, 중요하지 않은
    peculiar, unique to an individual / 특이한
    very bad; deserving very strong criticism / 비난할 만한
  • Q13
    sneer (v.)
    v. to smile or laugh at someone or something with an expression on your face that shows dislike and a lack of respect / 비웃다, 조롱하다
    to hit something and suddenly change direction / 빗나가다
    to make less visible or unclear / ~을 숨기다, 흐리게 하다, 잘 안보이게 하다
    methodically analyze or examine in detail / 해부하다
  • Q14
    stature (n.)
    the level of respect that people have for a successful person; organization / 위엄
    a standard or reference for comparison / 기준
    courage, strength of mind / 인내, 불굴의 정신
    a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases / 만병통치약
  • Q15
    terse (adj.)
    very clear; having no room for doubt or confusion / 명백한, 확실한, 애매하지 않은
    brief and direct in a way that may seem rude or unfriendly / 간결한
    showing the suppression of impulses or emotions / 억압받는
    very long lasting / 오래 가는

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