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80 questions
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  • Q1
    hostile (adj.)
    showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles / 빛깔이 바뀌는
    of or relating to an enemy; or unpleasant or harsh / 적대적인
    rich; having an abundant supply of money / 부유한
    1. vigorously active 2. requiring or showing great energy and effort / 1. 활발한 2. 분투적인
  • Q2
    indict (v.)
    to record in detail / ~을 문서로 기록하다, ~을 자세히 기록하다
    to formally decide that someone should be put on trial for a crime / 기소하다, 고소하다
    to cause (someone) to be worried or upset / 교란시키다
    to speak, plead, or argue in favour of; to push for something / 지지하다, 옹호하다, (~를 하자고) 주장하다
  • Q3
    interim (v.)
    to supply with water / 물을 공급하다
    to suppose something is true without having evidence to confirm it / 추측하다
    in a period of time between events / 임시의
    to direct the flow of / ~을 보내다, ~을 ~로 흘려보내다
  • Q4
    irritate (v.)
    to make (something) longer or to grow longer / 연장하다
    to make (someone) impatient, angry; or annoyed / 짜증나게 하다
    to impart vigor, strength, or vitality to / ~의 생기를 돋우다
    to destroy completely / 완전히 파괴하다
  • Q5
    perturb (v.)
    to cause (someone) to be worried or upset / 교란시키다
    to accept / ~을 받아들이다, ~을 채택하다
    to make legally or officially invalid; to cancel out / 무효로 하다
    to assume as fact; to offer as basis of argument / ~을 가정하다
  • Q6
    transgress (v.)
    to make stronger (claim or strucuture); strengthen and support behaviors and beliefs with rewards / (믿음, 주장, 행동 등)~을 강화하다
    to reference indirectly / (~를) 넌지시 언급하다
    to do something that is not allowed / 넘어서다
    to put at a disadvantage; to prevent the progress or accomplishment of / ~을 방해하다, ~을 저지하다
  • Q7
    tribe (n.)
    a group of people that includes many families and relatives who have the same language, customs, and beliefs / 부족
    a will to succeed; something one hopes to do / 성공하고자하는 소망; 이루고 싶은 것
    a doctrine that individual self-interest is the motive of all conscious action / 이기주의
    a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs / 위선자
  • Q8
    unbiased (adj.)
    suitable or appropriate, pleasant and enjoyable / 호의적인
    not having or showing an unfair tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others / 편견 없는
    not favorable or advantageous / 불리한
    1. having a lot of wild and hurried activity 2. feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry / 1. 정신 없이 서두는 2. 제정신이 아닌 (두려 움,걱정으로)
  • Q9
    uproar (n.)
    a situation in which many people are upset, angry; or disturbed by something / 소동
    forgiveness / 사면
    an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic / 고정관념
    a very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one / 벼랑
  • Q10
    deflect (v.)
    to disregard, to consider not relevant or important / 무시하다, 고려대상에 두지 않다
    to argue against; to claim / (주로 반대하며) 주장하다
    to hit something and suddenly change direction / 빗나가다
    to make (someone) unable to think and behave normally / 중독시키다
  • Q11
    deprivation (n.)
    a positive consideration based on understanding of value / 이해를 통해 이루어지는 긍정적인 평가
    the state of not having something that people need / 박탈
    an area of territory owned or controlled by a particular ruler or government / 영역
    1. n. a person who run away to avoid being captured 2. adj. lasting a very short time / 1. n. 도망자 2. adj. 일시적인
  • Q12
    dissolute (adj.)
    not moving or changing / 정지한, 고정된
    someone whose way of living is considered morally wrong / 부도덕한
    extremely small / 극소한
    present in great quantity / 무성한, 풍부한
  • Q13
    heredity (n.)
    a large number or variety of people or things / 다수
    1. the power of a liquid to make someone or something float 2. the ability of someone or something to continue to be happy, strong, etc., through difficult times / 1. 부력 2. 쾌활
    the natural process by which physical and mental qualities are passed from a parent to a child / 유전
    the study of the structure of living things / 해부학
  • Q14
    infiltrate (v.)
    to formally approve or accept something / 승인하다
    to pass into or through (something) / 침투하다
    1. to form or make, especially by concentrated effort 2. to imitate (handwriting, a signature, etc.) fraudulently / 만들다; 날조하다
    to make (an egg, plants, land) able to grow and develop / 비옥하게 하다
  • Q15
    nuisance (n.)
    a person, thing, or situation that is annoying or that causes trouble or problems / 골칫거리
    an award / 영예, 찬양
    emptiness; space containing nothing / 허공, 공허
    a standard or pattern regarded as typical or expected / 규범

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