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  • Q1
    irresolute (adj.)
    uncertain, indecisive / 결단력이 없는
    strongly reminiscent or suggestive of something / (향기가) 가득한
    present, appearing, or found everywhere / 어디에나 존재하는
    lacking, empty / 결여된, 비어있는
  • Q2
    sheltered (adj.)
    never-ceasing; retained; not shed; continually recurring to the mind / 끊임없는, 계속되는
    formed or conceived beforehand / 선입견을 가진
    man-made / 인공적인
    protected from danger or bad weather / 지켜지고 있는
  • Q3
    caricature (n.)
    mixed feelings or emotions / 주저, 우유부단
    an unbroken view of a wide area / 전경
    exaggerated portrayal / 풍자화, 캐리커쳐
    a behavioral habit, sometimes done to pretend / 자주하는 행동 혹은 습관
  • Q4
    implement (v.)
    to force or place a burden on someone / ~에게 ~을 내세우다, 받아들이게 하다
    to put into practice/action / ~을 이행하다, ~을 실행하다, ~을 수행하다
    to hit something and suddenly change direction / 빗나가다
    to think of (someone or something) in a particular way / 간주하다
  • Q5
    manifesto (n.)
    a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity / 방법론
    storage area or facility / 보고
    a public declaration of principles or intentions / 선언
    an experience that is very unpleasant or difficult / 시련
  • Q6
    critique (v.)
    a serious examination and judgment of something / ~을 분석하다, ~을 검토하다
    to replace or take the place of / 대체하다
    to moderate or lessen / ~을 누그러뜨리다
    to retaliate, a retaliatory action / 역습, 역공
  • Q7
    paramount (adj.)
    self-evident, unquestionable / 자명한
    having deep meaning or significance / 심오한
    relating to a large company or group / 기업의
    more important than anything else; supreme / 최고의
  • Q8
    pave over (v.)
    to make attractive or lovable / ~을 사랑받게 하다, ~을 따르게 하다
    to show, illustrate / (~를) 보여주다
    to go over and cover rough terrain (usually to make a road) / (도로, 바닥 등) ~을 포장하다; (새로운 것으로) 덮어버리다
    to keep (someone) away from other people / 격리시키다
  • Q9
    impetus (n.)
    a list or arrangement of things / 배열
    lack of concern; no preference to one or the other / 무관심; 선호도가 없는
    a group of people forming a part of a larger group / 단체
    a driving force or motivation / 동기
  • Q10
    precipitate (v.)
    to cause to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely / 촉진하다, 촉발하다
    to cause (something) to spread out and disappear / 탕진하다
    to reject, deny, or refuse to accept or support something / 부인하다
    to deny / 부인하다
  • Q11
    melodramatic (adj.)
    so small as to be meaningless; insignificant; not worth considering / 무시할 만한
    present in great quantity / 무성한, 풍부한
    responsive to suggestion or control / 순응하는
    overly dramatic (usually exaggerated) / 지나치게 감정적인; 너무 오바하는
  • Q12
    domesticate (v.)
    to tame or adapt wild animals for human use or companionship / 길들이다
    to cause (someone) to feel a strong need or desire to do something / ~ 해야만 하게 하다
    to establish / 설립하다
    to think and talk about someone or something too much / 사로잡다
  • Q13
    lucid (adj.)
    characterized by or requiring sitting; involving little physical activity / 정적인
    clear and easily understood / 명료한
    sullen, gloomy, or ill-tempered / 얌전하지 않은
    characterized by bitterness or resentment / 원한 많은
  • Q14
    inequity (n.)
    a sum of money granted by the government or a public body to assist an industry or business so that the price of a commodity or service may remain low or competitive / 보조금
    a complete or impressive collection of things / 많은 수
    lack of fairness or justice / 부당, 불공평
    a person or animal that lives in certain place / 거주자
  • Q15
    autonomy (n.)
    a cue or hint / 신속한, 즉각적인
    self-governance / 자치권
    assumption / 가설, 추측
    doubt, painful expectation / 의심, 주저

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