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Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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  • Q1
    solace (n.)
    moving away in different directions from a common point / (같이 있던 것이) 분리 혹은 서로 멀어짐
    comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness / 위로
    substance that creates color in clothes, paint, etc / 색을 내는 물질
    confirmation that some fact or statement is true / 확증, 뒷받침
  • Q2
    contentious (adj.)
    starting something for the first time; introducing something new / 최초의, 원래의, 창립의
    involving or likely to cause controversy or disagreement / 이견이 분분한
    impossible to defeat or overcome / 정복할 수 없는
    persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired / 완강한
  • Q3
    pretext (n.)
    the extent or size of something / 크기
    lack of confidence or self-doubt / 불안
    a false reason or motive that conceals the true intention or purpose / 구실
    a review of or meditation on past events / 회고
  • Q4
    intrinsic (adj.)
    heavenly, relating to the sky / 천체의, 하늘의
    uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous / 떠들썩한
    belonging naturally; essential / 본질적인
    of or relating to color or color phenomena or sensations / 색의
  • Q5
    garish (adj.)
    without forethought; acting without thinking / 충동적인
    peculiar, unique to an individual / 특이한
    visually loud and noisy / 지나치게 화려한
    delicately beautiful / 정교하게 아름다운
  • Q6
    minimize (v.)
    decorate / 장식하다
    to portray as less serious or significant / ~가 더 작거나 덜 중요한 것 처럼 얘기하다
    to travel across / ~을 가로질러 가다
    to lag or linger behind (follow) / ~을 추적하다, ~을 쫓다
  • Q7
    ingenuity (n.)
    the quality of being clever, original, and inventive / 독창성
    a failing, flaw / 결함
    lack of physical strength; quality of being easily damaged or destroyed / 연약함, 여림
    a person one knows (but not necessarily a close friend) / 지인, (그냥) 아는 사람
  • Q8
    inquiry (n.)
    the support or nourishment needed to live or continue / 생존
    a natural liking or attraction towards something or someone / 친밀감
    a signal or indication to do or begin something / 신호
    question / 질문
  • Q9
    approachable (adj.)
    of or relating to money and especially to the money a government, business, or organization earns, spends, and owes / 회계의
    eating or drinking too much / 탐욕스러운
    accessible; easy to talk to / 접근 가능한
    not physical, unable to be grasped / 물리적이지 않은
  • Q10
    dubious (adj.)
    moving along; currently in progress / 움직이는, 이동하는, 진행되는
    doubtful, uncertain / 의심스러운
    not admitting of passage or capable of being affected / 영향받지 않는, 뚫리지 않는
    extremely wicked, abhorrent / 악랄한
  • Q11
    array (n.)
    the state of being important, famous, or noticeable / 중요성
    a system of government or business that has many complicated rules and ways of doing things / 관료주의
    (usually, not always showing arrogance) by acting as if someone is below your level / 생색내는 듯한 태도, 자기를 낮추는 (주로 오만한) 태도
    a list or arrangement of things / 배열
  • Q12
    emergence (n.)
    the process of coming into existence or becoming known / 출현
    act of giving up; acceptance of failure/despair / 체념
    emptiness; space containing nothing / 허공, 공허
    belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine / 이단
  • Q13
    deductive (adj.)
    sudden and unexpected / 갑작스러운
    joyful and proud especially because of success / 승리한, 성공한
    based on a mistaken belief / 잘못된, 허위의
    involving logical inferences / 논리적으로 추론적인
  • Q14
    narcissism (n.)
    small action, usually signifying something / (뭔가를 나타내는) 작은 행동, 손짓, 몸짓
    liquid / 액체(의)
    a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something / 속성
    excessive or erotic interest in oneself / 자기애
  • Q15
    converse (v.)
    to clear from blame, prove innocent / 무죄를 입증하다
    to cause confusion or disarray; to mix up or jumble / 혼란시키다
    engage in conversation / 대화하다
    to express strong disapproval of / ~에 대해 강하게 비판하다

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