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T.D.SAT Vocab W15

Quiz by 서브베테랑스

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140 questions
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  • Q1
    sociability (n.)
    magnitude or seriousness (of something negative) / 심각성 (부정적)
    actions or thoughts that contradict one's own beliefs or claims / 위선 행위; 내로남불
    the relative tendency or disposition to be sociable or associate with one's fellows / 사교성, 붙임성
    to summarize briefly / 요약하다, 짧게 말하다
  • Q2
    utterance (n.)
    a deformation, change, or manipulation of something (usually negative) / 뒤틀림
    a place or trip, usually far away, for rest and peace / 휴양지, 휴양하러 가는 여행
    sounds made through speech / 발언, 말
    a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling / 성격
  • Q3
    deprive (v.)
    to take away; to keep from / ~에게서 ~을 빼앗다
    to accompany / ~을 동반하다
    to call forth; to stimulate / ~을 불러오다; ~을 자극하다
    to use or manipulate to one's advantage / ~을 활용하다
  • Q4
    fasten (v.)
    to allow ~ to do or get whatever he or she wants; to enjoy without restraint / ~가 하고 싶은대로 다 해주다; ~를 마음껏 즐기다
    to go back to a previous state / ~로 돌아가다, ~로 되돌아가다
    to attach firmly / ~을 고정시키다
    to lessen the intensity of; to calm / ~을 느슨하게 하다, ~의 강도를 줄이다
  • Q5
    impose (v.)
    to spread or diffuse through / 퍼지다
    to express strong approval of; to compliment and honor / ~을 ~에게 추천하다; ~를 칭송하다
    to force or place a burden on someone / ~에게 ~을 내세우다, 받아들이게 하다
    to go back to a previous state / ~로 돌아가다, ~로 되돌아가다
  • Q6
    superficial (adj.)
    built well and strong / 튼튼한, 완강한
    suitable for use as food / 먹을 수 있는
    inexperienced, gullible, innocent / 경험이 없는, 초짜의; 순수한
    shallow, concerned with outer looks; only on surface / 외모에 신경 쓰는, 겉모습만 신경쓰는, 깊지 않은
  • Q7
    inadvertent (adj.)
    without intention (especially resulting from heedless action) / (부주의로 인한) 고의가 아닌
    glittering, twinkling, shining / (빛을 반사하여) 반짝반짝 빛나는
    derived from experiment and observation rather than theory / 실제적인, 실행상의, 경험에 의한
    showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others / 자선의
  • Q8
    evident (adj.)
    clearly true, obvious / 명백한
    not attractive; not persuasive or compelling / 매력없는, 호소력없는
    overall, including or related to all aspects / 전체를 아우르는
    noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline / 거친, 사나운, 요란한
  • Q9
    dramatize (v.)
    to estimate something as being lower, smaller, or of less value / ~을 과소평가하다, ~을 경시하다
    to exaggerate for dramatic effect / ~을 극적으로 과장하다
    to happen simultaneously (at the same time) / 동시에 일어나다
    to pass or go beyond / ~의 범위나 한계를 벗어나다
  • Q10
    caveat (n.)
    a warning against certain acts / 주의 사항, 경고
    steadiness of mind under stress / 침착, 평정
    a person one knows (but not necessarily a close friend) / 지인, (그냥) 아는 사람
    authority to govern (oneself or others); an independent state / 자치권, 자주권; 자치국가, 자주국가
  • Q11
    polarizing (adj.)
    without forethought; acting without thinking / 충동적인
    joyful and proud especially because of success / 승리한, 성공한
    causing extremism; pushing to two separate extremes / ~를 편갈라 분열되도록 하다
    not decayed or decomposed; not ruined or made worse / 때 묻지 않은
  • Q12
    ambivalent (adj.)
    very eager; desiring enthusiastically / 열렬한; 갈망하는, 탐내는
    conflicted (between two feelings) / 상반된 감정이 공존하는
    obvious to the eye or mind; without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious / 눈에 띄는
    undervalued / (실제보다) 가치를 인정받지 못한
  • Q13
    optimal (adj.)
    humorously sarcastic or mocking / 비꼬는, 풍자적인
    being or producing something like nothing done, experienced, or created before / 혁신적인, 획기적인; 완전히 새로운
    delicately beautiful / 정교하게 아름다운
    most desirable possible in given situation / 최적의, 맞춤의
  • Q14
    appreciative (adj.)
    of very high grade; made of very small particles / 높은 품질의; 고운
    involving only one part or side / 일방적인, 한 쪽만의, 한 쪽으로 치우친
    having ill-will or hostility / 분노에 찬, 분개하는
    showing a favorable opinion / 이해를 통해 긍정적으로 생각하는
  • Q15
    render (v.)
    to make. [replace with "make" and it usually means the same] / ~를 ~로 되게 하다
    to make better (more sophisticated, precise, accurate) / ~을 개선하다 (더 수준이 높게, 더 정확하게)
    to allow ~ to do or get whatever he or she wants; to enjoy without restraint / ~가 하고 싶은대로 다 해주다; ~를 마음껏 즐기다
    to include; to make a part of something / ~을 포함시키다; 전체에 일부를 포함시키다

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