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Teachers Knowledge Assessment 6

Quiz by ahmed

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  • Q1
    The two basic fuel systems used with spark-ignition engines are
    LPG and gasoline
    fuel-injected and carburetored
    diesel and gasoline
    gasohol and gasoline
  • Q2
    The system that prevents the escape of gasoline vapor from the fuel tank is called the
    carburetor system
    fuel-injection system
    gasoline-saver system
    evaporatored control system
  • Q3
    The fuel pump has
    two one-way valves
    one one-way valve
    one two-way valve
    two two-way valves
  • Q4
    The manifold heat-control valve is located in the
    exhaust manifold
    cylinder block
    intake manifold
  • Q5
    Fuel-pump pressure is controlled by the
    length of the diaphragm stroke
    speed of the engine
    size of the pump
    tension of the diaphragm spring
  • Q6
    The heated-air system uses
    a heat-control valve
    an air pump
    a thermostatic air cleaner
    a thermostat
  • Q7
    The most mechanical fuel pump is operated by
    vacuum from the intake manifold
    electric current
    an eccentric on the camshaft
    none of the above
  • Q8
    The vapor-return line has the job of
    returning fuel vapor from the fuel pump to the fuel tank
    preventing vapor lock in the carburetor
    turning vapor into liquid gasoline
    feeding auxiliary fuel to the fuel pump
  • Q9
    The carburetor operates on the principle of
    atmospheric pressure
    pressure differential
    none of the above
    fuel-pump pressure
  • Q10
    When operating under a heavy load or wide-open throttle, the power system of a carburetor must be able to supply
    more vacuum
    richer mixtures
    more vacuum
    leaner mixtures
  • Q11
    The purpose of the choke-system is to
    prevent dieseling after shutoff
    supply a richer mixture for starting
    aid the accelerator-pump system
    supply a leaner mixture for starting
  • Q12
    The float system operates with all but one system in the carburetor. This system is
    the main-metering system
    the choke system
    none of the these
    the idle system
  • Q13
    Fast idle is set with the fast-idle adjusting screw on which step of the fast-idle cam?
    second step
    highest step
    lowest step
    third step
  • Q14
    Four-barrel carburetors have a
    secondary side
    choke on the primary side
    primary side
    all of the these
  • Q15
    The secondary throttle valves in a four-barrel carburetor are controlled by
    mechanical or vacuum linkage
    the driver of the car
    engine speed
    none of the these

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