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Tech Drawing Summative Test

Quiz by Efren Manzano

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30 questions
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  • Q1

    1. A drawing tool with irregular holes which is used to protect the drawing when erasing.

    A. Eraser

    D.  Drawing Protector

    C. Pencil Eraser

    B. Erasing Shield

  • Q2

    2. A drawing instrument which is commonly used for drawing horizontal lines.

    D. T-Square

    C. Triangles

    B. Triangular Scale

    A. Ruler

  • Q3

    3. The most important tool in drawing that comes in various grades.

    C. Pencil

    B. Drawing Tape

    A. Ruler

    D. Eraser

  • Q4

    4. A semi-circular tool used to measure the angles or draw arcs.

    D. Triangular Scale

    C. Shield

    B. Compass

    A. Protractor

  • Q5

    5. Commonly made out of rubber which is used to remove dirt / smudges or pencil marks.

    D. Remover

    B. Clone Stamp

    A. Eraser

    C. Erasing shield

  • Q6

    6. A drawing material which is used to fasten the drawing paper to the drawing board.

    D. Drawing Tape

    B. Duct Tape


    A. Tape Measure

  • Q7

    7. A drawing tool that enlarges or reduces the size of an object or drawing.

    B. Triangle

    D. Protrator

    A. Scaler 

    C. Triangular Scale

  • Q8

    8. Victor wants to measure the angles of an irregular triangle; he needs to use the

    C. triangle

    A. Compass

    D. Ruler

    B. Protractor

  • Q9

    9. Louise wants to draw circles and arcs for his template; he needs to use the

    B. Divider

    C. Compass

    D. Scaler

    A. Protractor

  • Q10

    10.  Arnold draws horizontal lines and guides his triangle to draw vertical lines; he uses __________.

    B. Ruler

    A. T- square

    D. Triangular Scale

    C. Triangle

  • Q11

    11. Louie protects the rest of his drawing when removing unnecessary errors, he tried to use the________.

    B. Eraser

    C. Dirt Remover


    D. Erasing Shield

  • Q12

    12. Louie protects the rest of his drawing when removing unnecessary errors, he tried to use the________.

    B. Eraser

    D. Erasing Shield

    C. Dirt Remover

    A. Pencil Eraser

  • Q13

    13. Bert wants to secure his drawing paper on the drawing table, he needs his _______.

    D. Tape  Measure

    C. Drawing Tape

    A. Fastener

    B. Duct Tape

  • Q14

    14. a thin line that shows the surface that has been cut; spaced evenly at 45 degrees with the horizontal to make a trimmed shaded effect.

    B. Section line

    D. Dimension line

    A. Centerline

    C. Extension line

  • Q15

    15. It is used to indicate a thin line with an arrowhead in one end.

    B. Section line

    C. Long-break line

    D. Border Line

    A. Dimension line


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