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Quiz by christiana argilagos

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  • Q1
    A rural man is hunting and is bitten by a poisonous snake. He quickly emails the doctor the following message: “Hey doc, I just were bittin by a copperhead while I was out lookin for some 12 point bucks. Should I take a benadryl or put it on ice? The swelling is getting pretty bad and my throat is closing up.”
    Send a video link to snake bite first aid with an Amazon link for a snake bite venom extractor kit
    When the physician finally sees the email, he should remind the man to not use the email for emergency situations like breathing problems or snake bites
    Reply with a request that the man come in for an appointment to get the bite checked out
  • Q2
    A new mother is having trouble getting her baby to latch for breastfeeding. She sends the following message to the doctor: “Hi Doctor! I’m still having some issues getting my newborn, Catherine, to latch fully. I would make another appointment with you and the lactation consultant, but the 3-hour drive into town isn’t doable for my husband and I this week. Any help would be appreciated!”
    Send links for baby formulas that would work instead
    Ask for more details on how the baby is failing to latch, and then insert video links on how to adjust feeding posture etc.
    Ask that the mother book an appointment and drive into town anyways
  • Q3
    A drunk college student sends his physician emails such as this from the patio of Willie’s every week: “Hey bro, I just fell down the stairs at Fieldhouse and ripped my toenail off. Is it okay if I throw some vodka on it? Here’s a gnarly pic:” *accidentally attaches drunk selfie*
    Question Image
    With a referral to a podiatrist and instructions on how to bandage a toe wound
    Request that the college student does not overuse and abuse the email service, but instead only utilizes it for genuine medical concerns.
    With instructions to seek emergency help immediately.

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