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Techonology used to deal with crime - Grade 10

Quiz by Hồng Anh Trương

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    The police can use technology to get _________________ and analyze them in a database, and so this helps them _________________.

    Question Image

    digital faceprints / identify crime

    digital fingerprints / specify crime

    digital fingerprints / identify criminals

    digital faceprints / specify criminals

  • Q2

    By using CCTV cameras, we can ___________ (discourage) people ___________ crimes because they know they will be seen and probably _________.

    Question Image

    deter / from commit in / catch

    deter / from committing / caught

    reserve / from commiting / catch

    determine / from commit in / caught

  • Q3

    Police use _____________, and ______________ to tackle certain crimes.

    Question Image

    face modification / action sensor technology

    face recognition / action sensor technology

    face modification / motion sensor technology

    face recognition / motion sensor technology

  • Q4

    ____________ on social media can be used to ______________.

    Question Image

    Algorithms / nickle cyberbullying

    Logarithms / tackle cyberbullying

    Aantilogarithms / handle cyberbullying

    Algorithms / tackle cyberbullying

  • Q5

    Technology can help tackle crime by ________________ to collect information about criminals effectively and efficiently to support their ___________________

    Question Image

    auditting the communities /  investigating of a criminals

    auditting the authorities /  investigation of a crime.

    assisting the communities / investigating of a criminals

    assisting the authorities /  investigation of a crime.

  • Q6

    I read an article about that some __________ are using ___________ to assess the potential _________ of an arrested suspect to society and if they should be __________ (kept in prison before their trial) or __________ (released from prison before their trial happens by payment of a sum of money).

    Question Image

    police forces / AI technology / threaten /  keep in custody / released on bail 

    police forces / AI technologies / threat /  kept in custody / released on bail 

    police force / AI technology / threaten /  keep in custody / release on bail 

    police force / AI technoloies / threa /  kept in custody / release on bail 

  • Q7

    In addition to the __________ technologies, DNA __________ has also been widely applied in __________. This technique __________ a physical likeness of the person who left the sample behind, including traits such as _____________, eye and natural hair color, and even a possible shape for facial features

    Question Image

    indicated / phenotyping / forensic engineering / conjures up / geographic ancestry

    indicated / phenotyping / forensic engineering / conjure up / geography ancestry

    intrigued/ phenotyping / forensic engineer / conjures up / geography ancestror

    intrigued/ phenotyping / forensic engineer / conjure up / geographic ancestor


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