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TEKS 16 C/4 F

Quiz by Maria Ramirez

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4 questions
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  • Q1

    Why did the US Senate refuse to ratify the Treaty of Versailles? (4F)

    Question Image

    The Senate believed the treaty did not punish Germany enough

    The Senate thought the treaty did not have the power to prevent secret alliances

    The Senate could not agree on military disarmament levels 

    The Senate would not support America's participation in the League of Nations

  • Q2

    The Fourteen Points reflected President Woodrow Wilson's belief that (4F)

    intervention in the affairs of other nations was never justifiable

    travel among nations should be regulated by an international organization 

    no country should be allowed to spend more on defense than any other country 

    cooperation among international leaders was essential to maintaining world peace 

  • Q3

    Which action best completes this cause-and-effect diagram? (16 C) 

    Question Image

    Elected leaders lower tariff rates

    Companies lay off employees 

    Banks lower interest rates

    Labor unions demand higher wages

  • Q4

    Why did the federal government create this program in 1933? (16 C) 

    Question Image

    To establish industrial centers in the region 

    To provide jobs and improve the regional standard of living 

    To promote organic farming practices 

    To offset the effects of urbanization and rapid population growth 


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