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TEKS Biology High School - B.10.C: Biological Systems

Quiz by TEKS Biology High School

High School - Biology
Science (2010)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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High School - Biology
Science (2010)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

B.10.C: Biological Systems

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Recent studies in bone research indicate that using ultrasound on a broken bone can decrease the healing time by 25%. Which of these are the most basic levels of organization involved when a bone heals?
    Cells and tissue
    Organ system and organism
    Tissue and organ system
    Cells and organ system
    B.10.C: Biological Systems
  • Q2
    The table shows some observations made by four students during a field trip to a nature area. Which student made observations of a community of organisms?
    Question Image
    Student 1
    Student 3
    Student 4
    Student 2
    B.10.C: Biological Systems
  • Q3
    A science class is planning a field trip to a local farm that has a large pond. Which of the following lists the order of biological organization from smallest to largest that the students can expect to find at the pond?
    Population, organism, ecosystem, community
    Organism, community, population, ecosystem
    Organism, population, community, ecosystem
    Population, organism, community, ecosystem
    B.10.C: Biological Systems
  • Q4
    Which of the following functions at the same organizational level as the kidney in the human excretory system?
    Epithelial tissue
    A squamous cell
    Urinary bladder
    B.10.C: Biological Systems
  • Q5
    A student is studying the ecology of a playa lake, which forms after a rainfall in a dry lake bed. The table lists the organisms that the student observed. Which level of biological organization has the student described in the table?
    Question Image
    B.10.C: Biological Systems

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