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TEKS Grade 6 Science - 6.6.A Compare metals, Non-Metals, and Metalloids

Quiz by Texas Education Agency

Grade 6
Science (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    Some students conducted a laboratory investigation to learn more about the physical properties of different elements. They observed four samples and recorded their observations in the table below Based on these observations, which sample is most likely a nonmetal?
    Question Image
    Sample 3
    Sample 4
    Sample 2
    Sample 1
  • Q2
    Aluminum, sulfur, and chlorine are elements found on the periodic table. Tests involving these three elements would show that at normal room temperature —
    all three elements are malleable and conduct electricity
    chlorine is malleable and conducts electricity
    aluminum is malleable and conducts electricity
    sulfur is malleable and aluminum conducts electricity
  • Q3
    Which statement does NOT correctly compare silicon with another element?
    Silicon is a better conductor of electricity than sulfur.
    Silicon is less malleable than silver.
    Silicon conducts electricity as well as copper does.
    Silicon is a solid at room temperature, but argon is a gas.
  • Q4
    A student is trying to classify an unidentified, solid gray material as a metal or a nonmetal. Which question will best help the student classify the material?
    Will the material float in water?
    Does the material feel hard to the touch?
    Does the material feel rough or smooth?
    Is the material malleable or ductile?

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