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TEKS Grade 8 ELA - [110.24.b.8.c] Understanding Plays

Quiz by TEKS Grade 8 ELA

Grade 8
ELA (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    What is the difference between an act and a scene?
    Acts and scenes are both ways that playwrights divide up a play. Acts are used for longer plays while scenes are used for shorter plays.
    In an act, characters change and come in and out, while in a scene, the characters maintain the same throughout the scene.
    The terms act and scene are interchangeable when discussing plays.
    Acts and scenes are both ways that playwrights divide up a play. An act is longer and can include multiple scenes, while a scene is a shorter piece of the story.
  • Q2
    What can we infer happened to Danny?
    He was kidnapped.
    He was hit by a car while chasing after the dog.
    He died of a terminal illness.
    He decided to leave their family suddenly, leaving all his things behind.
  • Q3
    How does the use of italics in the dialogue affect the scene?
    The italics direct the actors to emphasize those words to show the characters' emotional intensity
    The italics direct the actors to emphasize those words so that the audience can follow the plot.
    The italics show the reader which parts of the dialogue are most important.
    The italics make the scene more challenging to read.
  • Q4
    What is the greater, underlying reason behind the conflict between Howie and Becca?
    Becca erased Howie's favorite tape and it seems like she doesn't care.
    Howie feels like Becca is trying to forget Danny.
    Howie cares more about Danny than Becca does.
    Howie and Becca feel like they won't be able to have another child.
  • Q5
    Many lines of dialogue end with a dash, such as BECCA: We don't need all that stuff. Why would we keep -- ? What does a dash at the end of a line of dialogue mean?
    The character speaking is pausing for dramatic effect.
    The character speaking is waiting for the other character to finish their sentence.
    A character interrupted the other character's speaking.
    The character speaking forgot what they were going to say.
  • Q6
    Based on this scene, what is likely to be an important theme throughout this play?
    Sibling rivalry
    Dealing with grief
  • Q7
    What is an important difference between Howie and Becca in this scene?
    Howie was closer to Danny than Becca was.
    Howie is more easily angered than Becca.
    Howie copes by remembering Danny while Becca copes by trying to avoid thinking abut him.
    Becca is careless while Howie is not.
  • Q8
    Playwrights often include moments of silence in their stage directions, as well as shorter pauses, as indicated by the word "Beat" in parentheses. How do the pauses in these stage directions affect the mood of this scene?
    The pauses create more tension between the characters.
    The pauses give the people backstage more time to change the set.
    The pauses allow the audience to more deeply consider what is going on.
    The pauses create foreshadowing.
  • Q9
    On the second page, a line of stage directions say "(Howie has been reduced to tears. He has to step away from Becca. She takes him in. She seems more confused than affronted.)" What can we infer about Becca's reaction?
    Becca is frustrated because she doesn't understand why Howie is upset.
    Becca thinks that Howie has overreacted, but gives him a hug anyway.
    Becca isn't really offended by Howie's yelling, but instead she doesn't completely understand his frustration. She gives him a hug to comfort him.
    Becca is offended and confused that Howie would yell at her in such a way.
  • Q10
    What is one key way that reading a play is different from reading a novel?
    Most plays were written over one hundred years ago, while novels are more recent.
    Novels divide up the story into chapters, while plays don't have those divisions.
    Plays are more character and dialogue focused, while novels provide more details about other elements of the story.
    Plays involve more characters than novels.

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