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  • Q1
    Which is responsible for creating wind?
    trees blowing
    wave action
    gravitational force
    solar energy
  • Q2
    Which of these MOST likely causes winds to blow on Earth?
    Warm air rises and cool air falls toward Earth’s surface.
    Ocean waves push air onto the shore and across Earth’s surface.
    The gravity of Earth and the Moon push and pull the air.
    The Earth spins QUICKLY causing the air to blow around.
  • Q3
    When air is heated, it will MOST likely
    condense and rise.
    condense and fall
    expand and rise.
    expand and fall.
  • Q4
    Which of the following are narrow belts of strong winds found in the upper troposphere?
    jet streams
    trade winds
  • Q5
    An air mass travels north over the Pacific Ocean, from the TROPICS, and then eastward across the United States. Which weather pattern can be expected?
    cool and wet
    cool and dry
    warm and wet
    warm and dry
  • Q6
    Which condition is associated with MOST warm fronts?
    tornado formations
    low temperatures
    violent air mass collisions- tornadoes and thunderstorms
    cloud formations bringing steady, light precipitation
  • Q7
    Which is the BEST explanation for how air masses move across the United States?
    The jet stream moves air masses from the Pacific Ocean across the United States
    The prevailing westerlies move air masses from west to east across the United States but may be deflected by the jet stream.
    The warm air of the Gulf Stream causes air masses to move from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
    The trade winds move air masses from west to east across the United States.
  • Q8
    What is one condition that is necessary for a hurricane to form?
    Warm ocean water
    A strong warm front
    Cold ocean water
    A strong cold front
  • Q9
    Thunderstorms are more common in some areas than in others. The map shows the average number of thunderstorms per year in different parts of the United States. Why are there significantly more thunderstorms in Florida than in California?
    Question Image
    The state of Florida is smaller than the state of California.
    The air in Florida is more stable than the air in California.
    The ocean currents near Florida are warmer than the ocean currents near California.
    The air above Florida holds less moisture than the air above California
  • Q10
    The reading on a barometer rises when the air
    pressure increases.
    speed decreases.
    pressure decreases.
    speed increases.

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