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  • Q1
    Having a standard taxonomic system benefits the scientific community by allowing scientists from all over the world to do which of the following?
    Have a common system for the classification of locations containing fossils
    Understand how other scientists classify predator-prey relationships
    Use a similar system to classify the impact of removing species from ecosystems
    Have a common understanding in the classification of organisms
  • Q2
    The Linnaean taxonomic system classifies organisms into divisions called taxa. If two organisms belong to the same taxonomic group, they are related. Similarity at which of these levels indicates the closest relationship?
  • Q3
    Adult mountain lions (Puma concolor) are almost 2 meters long. They have a black spot over each eye. The common names used throughout the United States for this species are listed below. Why is it best for scientists to use the name from the standardized taxonomic system?
    Question Image
    The standardized name is less descriptive of the animal that has been observed
    All scientists will be using one name for mountain lions
    Communication with other scientists about mountain lions will be reduced
    The standardized name differentiates mountain lions and pumas
  • Q4
    Scientists around the world use a standardized taxonomic system. Why would scientists want to use a taxonomic system that is standardized?
    In order to place organisms in different groups
    So that Latin names can be applied for a practical purpose
    In order to avoid confusion with the identification of organisms
    Because Linnaeus established the system
  • Q5
    Organisms are classified today using the Linnaean system, and the following table shows the taxonomic classification of two marine organisms living along the Pacific Coast. Taxonomic classification is important to marine biologists because it provides a way to -
    Question Image
    designate Latin as the universal language of marine biology
    identify marine organisms and find evolutionary relationships between them
    discover and name every marine organism on Earth
    prove that marine evolution occurs
  • Q6
    The gray squirrel, Eastern fox squirrel, and red squirrel are all different species of squirrels. Why is having a scientific name for each species of an organism important? Which sample was most likely DNA?
    To allow organisms to be placed in many classification levels at the same time
    To standardize the naming and organization of organisms to avoid confusion
    To keep the classification system from being altered as new organisms are discovered
    To prevent existing named organisms from having their names changed as they become extinct

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