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TEKS Social Studies Grade 8 - Topic: 8.10-8.11 Geography

Quiz by TEKS Social Studies Grade 8

Grade 8
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    Which of the following best completes the diagram above?
    Question Image
    Dependent on heavy industry
    Bordered by the Pacific
    Formerly part of Mexico
    Slaveholding state
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q2
    According to the excerpt above, the Gadsden Purchase was intended to —
    Question Image
    support settlement of U.S. territory gained through the U.S.-Mexican War
    encourage the sale of U.S. government land in Florida
    encourage commerce among U.S. states formed from the Louisiana Purchase
    allow the United States and Mexico to share railroad construction costs
    8.11.A: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q3
    One advantage the Confederacy had over the Union during the Civil War was that Confederate forces had —
    a larger number of military troops in reserve
    knowledge of the terrain where most battles were fought
    an extensive railroad system for moving troops and supplies
    numerous factories for producing weapons and ammunition
    8.10.C: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q4
    What effect did the mining technique described in this excerpt have on the local environment?
    Question Image
    Reduced flooding led to an increased reliance on irrigation.
    Forests were clear-cut, and the timber was used to line tunnels and shafts.
    Farmland benefited from a change in soil composition.
    Rivers became filled with sediment.
    8.11.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q5
    Which characteristic is correctly matched with a number in the table?
    Question Image
    1: Indigo
    4: Ships
    3: Rocky soil
    2: Moderate
    8.11.A: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q6
    The numbered river on this map played a major role in —
    Question Image
    the exploration of new territory acquired from France
    the settlement of territory previously claimed by the Dutch
    the defeat of British invaders at the Battle of Fort McHenry
    the defeat of British troops at the Battle of Saratoga
    8.10.C: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q7
    Which of the following was the most direct result of the environmental modifications listed above?
    Question Image
    Road construction became a major industry in the United States.
    Federal regulations were adopted to ensure safety and ease of travel on the road.
    Improved transportation to western states expanded trade and settlement.
    State governments cooperated closely to maintain road quality.
    8.11.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q8
    Boston and New Orleans were both founded as —
    military outposts
    industrial centers
    farming communities
    port cities
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q9
    Which factor encouraged more immigrants to settle in northern states than southern states during the mid-nineteenth century?
    Governments in northern states were less corrupt.
    Northern states had lower population densities.
    Southern states had smaller industrial sectors.
    Citizenship requirements in southern states were not as strict.
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q10
    The completion of the Erie Canal played a key role in which development?
    New York City becoming a vital commercial center with the country’s busiest seaport
    Washington, D.C., becoming the cultural and political center of the nation
    New Orleans becoming a leader in manufacturing and overseas trade
    Boston becoming one of the country’s largest transportation hubs
    8.10.C: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q11
    One environmental consequence of the large-scale cultivation of cotton in the South was —
    drought caused by overuse of river water to irrigate farmland
    widespread water contamination caused by fertilizer runoff
    widespread soil exhaustion caused by decades of farming
    air pollution caused by the use of cotton gins
    8.11.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q12
    What was the result of the events shown on the map above?
    Question Image
    General Grant’s supply lines were completely cut off.
    General Grant and General Lee combined forces.
    General Lee’s troops received necessary reinforcements.
    General Lee surrendered to General Grant.
    8.10.A: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q13
    Which of the following best replaces the question mark in the diagram above?
    Question Image
    Settled by Mormons
    Dependent on slavery
    Large coal deposits
    Former Mexican territory
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q14
    How did geography influence the early economic development of New York, Boston, and Charleston?
    Long coastlines offered abundant natural resources.
    Extreme climates limited productive activity.
    Natural harbors provided access to markets.
    Proximity to flooding rivers limited development.
    8.10.B: Social Studies - Geography
  • Q15
    A tourist would most likely go to the location shown on the map to visit —
    Question Image
    Historic Jamestowne in Colonial National Historical Park
    Independence Hall in Independence National Historical Park
    George Washington’s Headquarters in Valley Forge National Historical Park
    the Elizabeth Cady Stanton House in Women’s Rights National Historical Park
    8.10.A: Social Studies - Geography

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