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TEKS US History High School - H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East

Quiz by TEKS US History High School

High School - U.S. History
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    In 1979 the Shah of Iran was forced into exile. The U.S. government later allowed the Shah to enter the United States for medical treatment. This perceived U.S. support for the Shah of Iran resulted in which of the following?
    Israel demanded U.S. support for the strategic bombing of cities in Iran.
    Soviet forces began an occupation of Iran.
    Revolutionaries kidnapped a group of U.S. citizens in Iran.
    Iran attacked a U.S. military base in Asia.
    H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East
  • Q2
    How did President Jimmy Carter attempt to end hostilities between the groups that fought these wars?
    Question Image
    He helped negotiate a peace treaty known as the Camp David Accords.
    He ordered the boycott of the Olympic Games in Moscow.
    He threatened to sever diplomatic ties with Syria.
    He deployed U.S. troops to defeat the Palestine Liberation Organization.
    H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East
  • Q3
    In this excerpt, President Reagan is referring to what would become known as -
    Question Image
    the Whitewater controversy
    the Plame affair
    the Iran-Contra affair
    the Watergate scandal
    H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East
  • Q4
    How did President Ronald Reagan's administration support Contra rebels in Nicaragua after Congress cut funding for military aid?
    By collecting tariffs on oil imports from Saudi Arabia
    By secretly selling weapons to Iran in order to raise funds
    By implementing a sin tax on luxury items
    By confiscating funds seized in drug raids
    H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East
  • Q5
    These demonstrations led to -
    Question Image
    a U.S. boycott of the Olympics in protest of events in Central Asia
    a global energy crisis brought on by an OPEC oil embargo
    a hostage crisis that severely damaged confidence in the Carter administration
    the bombing of a Marine barracks, followed by retaliatory U.S. air strikes
    H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East

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