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  • Q1
    What were these Hawaiian citizens protesting?
    Question Image
    The colonization of the islands by political refugees from the United States
    The forced annexation of the islands as a U.S. territory after the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy
    The granting of U.S. statehood to the islands after they were purchased from the Hawaiian monarch
    The classification of the islands as a protectorate after the Hawaiian government signed a treaty with the United States
    H.12.B: Political Boundaries
  • Q2
    Which of the following best replaces the question mark in this list of information about Puerto Rico?
    Question Image
    Was ceded to the United States as a result of the Spanish-American War
    Became a U.S. state during the Reconstruction era
    Signed an annexation treaty with the United States after World War I
    Was promised U.S. military protection as part of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
    H.12.B: Political Boundaries
  • Q3
    President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points supported Poland by calling for its -
    annexation by Great Britain
    inclusion in one of the larger empires
    establishment as an independent nation
    establishment as a Soviet satellite nation
    H.12.B: Political Boundaries
  • Q4
    Which numbered territory did the United States gain by winning the Spanish-American War?
    Question Image
    H.12.B: Political Boundaries
  • Q5
    Which factor facilitated statehood for the darker-shaded areas?
    Question Image
    The acceptance of Mormons by other religious sects in the East
    The introduction of barbed wire throughout the Great Plains
    The expansion of railway lines throughout the West
    The peaceful integration of settlers with American Indian populations
    H.12.B: Political Boundaries

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