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  • Q1
    The information on this map best supports the conclusion that between 2000 and 2005 -
    Question Image
    Social Security payments decreased in the Pacific Northwest
    Medicare spending increased in the Southwest
    health-care costs decreased in the Northeast
    income tax revenues increased in the Midwest
    H.13.A: Demographic Patterns
  • Q2
    Which pull factor contributed to the Great Migration?
    Economic opportunities in industrialized cities
    The lower cost of living in urban areas
    The availability of land grants for homesteaders
    Better soil conditions in previously uncultivated areas
    H.13.A: Demographic Patterns
  • Q3
    Which of the following contributed most to increased settlement of the Great Plains?
    The availability of buffalo
    A decrease in agricultural production
    A series of federal land grants
    The discovery of precious metals
    H.13.A: Demographic Patterns
  • Q4
    Which factor was a primary reason for the shift described in this excerpt?
    Question Image
    Climate change
    Kinship networks
    Government reform
    Economic transformation
    H.13.A: Demographic Patterns
  • Q5
    Which demographic change in the United States is most associated with this transformation?
    Question Image
    Increased property values in rural areas
    Increased life expectancies in urban areas
    Increased birth rates in rural areas
    Increased migration to urban areas
    H.13.A: Demographic Patterns
  • Q6
    What was a primary reason for the demographic shift described in this excerpt?
    Question Image
    Increased demand for sharecroppers in the North
    Increased availability of manufactured goods in the North
    A lack of educational institutions for African Americans in the South
    Limited economic opportunities for African Americans in the South
    H.13.A: Demographic Patterns

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