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  • Q1
    During the nineteenth century, one way political bosses gained voter support was by -
    providing public assistance for former slaves
    advocating the use of poll taxes
    making improvements in urban infrastructure
    campaigning for women's suffrage
    H.3.A: Political Issues
  • Q2
    What was one reason for the expansion of machine politics in the late nineteenth century?
    Federal restrictions prevented voters from influencing government decisions at the local level.
    The economy was too tightly regulated to allow urban growth.
    Settlement houses failed to help immigrants adjust to life in the city.
    The rapid influx of immigrants made it difficult for local governments to provide basic services.
    H.3.A: Political Issues
  • Q3
    Which issue is this cartoon addressing?
    Question Image
    Political corruption
    Civil-service reform
    H.3.A: Political Issues
  • Q4
    The primary objective of the Dawes Act was to -
    promote American Indian investment in private industry
    turn American Indian reservations into corporate farmland
    promote cultural assimilation of American Indians
    end warfare between American Indians and the U.S. military
    H.3.A: Political Issues
  • Q5
    These demands most reflected the concerns of -
    Question Image
    immigrant workers seeking economic justice
    robber barons pursuing higher profits
    small farmers in need of affordable credit
    prominent bankers who controlled the money supply
    H.3.A: Political Issues
  • Q6
    This legislation affected how federal employees were hired. The law now required government jobs to be -
    Question Image
    based on the approval of lawmakers
    based on the political party affiliation of the applicant
    determined by a merit system based on civil service examinations
    set aside for business executives of large corporations
    H.3.A: Political Issues

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