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  • Q1
    This cover from a nineteenth-century periodical helps illustrate that the United States was beginning to change from -
    Question Image
    a direct democracy to a representative one
    a mostly rural society to a mostly urban one
    a slave-owning society to one without slavery
    a foreign policy of isolationism to one of interventionism
    H.3.B: Economic Issues
  • Q2
    Why did the Populist Party want free coinage of silver?
    Why did the Populist Party want free coinage of silver?
    To raise campaign contribution limits
    To decrease the bargaining power of labor unions
    To reduce economic inflation
    H.3.B: Economic Issues
  • Q3
    Which of the following occurred between 1865 and 1900 as a result of the rapid industrialization of the United States?
    Social and economic class divisions began to disappear.
    Concerns about air pollution led to stricter environmental regulations.
    Union membership increased as workers sought better pay and conditions.
    Factory owners introduced wage-equity policies for women in the workplace.
    H.3.B: Economic Issues
  • Q4
    Which statement best completes this list?
    Question Image
    The cattle industry was nationalized under the Department of Agriculture.
    Most of the cowboys on cattle drives were European immigrants.
    The need to process large amounts of cattle made meatpacking a major industry.
    Congress passed legislation imposing tariffs on imported beef.
    H.3.B: Economic Issues
  • Q5
    In this excerpt, Justice Harlan is warning against -
    Question Image
    allowing powerful monopolies to dominate interstate commerce
    a civil service based on patronage rather than merit
    allowing labor unions to interfere with production goals
    a lack of federal funding for essential transportation systems
    H.3.B: Economic Issues
  • Q6
    The Knights of Labor and the American Federation of Labor developed in response to the -
    decreased power of political machines
    decreased profitability of the agricultural sector
    increased need to protect worker interests
    increased demand for skilled workers
    H.3.B: Economic Issues

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