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  • Q1
    President Roosevelt issued this statement in response to -
    Question Image
    public outcry regarding war between Russia and Japan
    Spanish efforts to suppress a rebellion in Cuba
    the threat of European intervention in Latin America
    the construction of a canal in Panama
    H.4.A: World Power
  • Q2
    Which sentence provides information needed to complete both the cause and effect portions of this diagram?
    Question Image
    The 1919 Treaty of Versailles contributed to the start of World War II in Europe.
    The 1914 opening of the Panama Canal encouraged international trade.
    The 1929 stock-market crash set off the Great Depression in the United States.
    The 1898 Spanish-American War led to world power status for the United States.
    H.4.A: World Power
  • Q3
    How did these events affect the United States?
    Question Image
    They set a precedent of including territorial acquisitions in settlements.
    They increased public support for cuts in U.S. defense spending.
    They prompted the end of Dollar Diplomacy in Latin America.
    They helped establish the United States as an imperial power similar to European nations.
    H.4.A: World Power
  • Q4
    Mahan's books influenced U.S. efforts to become a world power primarily by -
    Question Image
    emphasizing the need for protectionist tariffs
    demonstrating the political risks of foreign trade
    advocating overseas expansion
    arguing against forming overseas alliances
    H.4.A: World Power
  • Q5
    This cartoon comments on tactics used to -
    Question Image
    obtain control of the Panama Canal Zone
    secure the southern border of California
    create a defensive alliance with France
    protect shipping lanes in the Great Lakes
    H.4.A: World Power
  • Q6
    In the late 1800s, Sanford B. Dole contributed to the expansion of the United States by advocating the annexation of -
    Puerto Rico
    the Panama Canal Zone
    the Philippines
    H.4.A: World Power

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