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  • Q1
    A student learning about U.S. history is instructed to write a paper about W. E. B. Du Bois and race relations in the United States. Which of the following facts would be most relevant to the student's assignment?
    The March on Washington helped rally nationwide support for the Civil Rights movement.
    The NAACP was organized to help secure full legal equality for minority citizens.
    The Selma-to-Montgomery protest marches helped secure voting rights for minority citizens.
    The Civil Rights Act of 1968 outlawed many forms of discrimination in the housing market.
    H.5.B: Muckrakers & Reform Leaders
  • Q2
    Public response to revelations such as the one in this excerpt led to the establishment of regulations that were eventually enforced by the -
    Question Image
    Food and Drug Administration
    Institution of Education Sciences
    Centers for Disease Control
    Department of Commerce
    H.5.B: Muckrakers & Reform Leaders
  • Q3
    These achievements illustrate Ida B. Wells's contributions as -
    Question Image
    a religious leader
    an advocate of equality
    an artist of the Harlem Renaissance
    a supporter of Prohibition
    H.5.B: Muckrakers & Reform Leaders
  • Q4
    Which groups were most influential in passing the Pure Food and Drug Act?
    Muckrakers and women's organizations
    Factory owners and bankers
    College students and immigrants
    Southern farmers and clergy members
    H.5.B: Muckrakers & Reform Leaders
  • Q5
    What were photographs such as this one taken by Lewis Hine primarily intended to accomplish?
    Question Image
    Depict the evils of capitalism in communist propaganda
    Focus attention on the need for child labor reforms
    Document labor conditions during an economic crisis
    Encourage leaders to make segregation in schools illegal
    H.5.B: Muckrakers & Reform Leaders

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