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TEKS US History High School - Topic: H.10-H.11 History

Quiz by TEKS US History High School

High School - U.S. History
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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High School - U.S. History
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

H.11.D: Presidential Elections
H.10.E: Conservative Resurgence
H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East
H.10.B: Ronald Reagan
H.11.A: U.S. World Affairs
H.10.A: Richard M. Nixon
H.10.C: Impact Of Energy On American Life
H.11.E: 2008 Presidential Election
H.10.F: Significant Societal Issues

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  • Q1
    How have major parties reacted to the scenario described above?
    Question Image
    By suing the third parties in court for campaign-finance violations
    By addressing the issues raised by the third parties
    By preventing third parties from holding conventions
    By persuading the third parties to present a new platform
    H.11.D: Presidential Elections
  • Q2
    The author of this letter was -
    Question Image
    a leader of a conservative interest group
    the cofounder of Ms. magazine
    a leader of the Civil Rights movement
    the cofounder of the National Organization for Women
    H.10.E: Conservative Resurgence
  • Q3
    In 1979 the Shah of Iran was forced into exile. The U.S. government later allowed the Shah to enter the United States for medical treatment. This perceived U.S. support for the Shah of Iran resulted in which of the following?
    Israel demanded U.S. support for the strategic bombing of cities in Iran.
    Soviet forces began an occupation of Iran.
    Revolutionaries kidnapped a group of U.S. citizens in Iran.
    Iran attacked a U.S. military base in Asia.
    H.10.D: U.S. Involvement In Middle East
  • Q4
    The policy objectives of Reaganomics were based on the theory that -
    reducing trade barriers would result in a budget surplus
    significant increases in government spending would help reduce unemployment
    broad tax cuts and financial deregulation would promote economic expansion
    borrowing from foreign countries would help cover the costs of domestic programs
    H.10.B: Ronald Reagan
  • Q5
    Which headline describes an event that resulted from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001?
    "Troops Deployed to Afghanistan"
    "Debt Crisis Shakes European Union"
    "Russia Increases Petroleum Exports"
    "Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Resume"
    H.11.A: U.S. World Affairs

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