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  • Q1
    Why did the federal government create this program in 1933?
    Question Image
    To establish industrial centers in the region
    To promote organic farming practices
    To offset the effects of urbanization and rapid population growth
    To provide jobs and improve the regional standard of living
    H.16.C: Effects Of Great Depression
  • Q2
    The government issued ration books during World War II in order to -
    allow consumers to buy imported goods at discounted rates
    safeguard the profits of struggling businesses
    provide financial security for uninsured citizens
    ensure the fair distribution of scarce goods
    H.17.A: World War II
  • Q3
    How did the publication of Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle' contribute to a change in the relationship between government and business?
    Laws were enacted that banned private companies from discriminating when hiring.
    Federal troops were mobilized to break strikes by labor unions.
    Congress created a regulatory agency to audit railroads.
    Government regulations requiring the inspection of food products were implemented.
    H.15.B: Federal Government & Private Business
  • Q4
    The Federal Housing Administration is a New Deal agency that continues to assist many Americans primarily by -
    offering incentives for them to invest in rental properties
    helping them choose a reputable home builder
    helping them obtain mortgage loans from banks
    providing them with money to pay for moving expenses
    H.16.E: New Deal Agencies/Programs
  • Q5
    Which of the following best completes this graphic organizer?
    Question Image
    Increase in consumer spending
    Overspeculation in the stock market
    Government subsidization of agriculture
    Decrease in military spending
    H.16.B: Causes Of Great Depression
  • Q6
    Which statement would most likely be found in a history of the economic impact of the Spanish-American War on the United States?
    Question Image
    Statement 2
    Statement 3
    Statement 4
    Statement 1
    H.15.D: International Military Conflicts
  • Q7
    In this excerpt, Senator Collins proposed legislation intended to address -
    Question Image
    Iraqi aggression against neighboring countries
    the collective economic power of OPEC member nations
    the formation of a military coalition among Arab states
    the refusal of the Israeli government to recognize Palestine
    H.17.E: International Trade Policies & Free Enterprise System
  • Q8
    What is the best title for this cartoon?
    Question Image
    Reasons for Government Economic Planning in the 1970s
    Major Sources of Consumer Debt in the 1980s
    Strengths and Weaknesses of Government Economic Policy in the 1960s
    Causes and Effects of Economic Prosperity in the 1950s
    H.17.B: Prosperity In 1950s
  • Q9
    Which of the following was the main reason for the rapid settlement of the Great Plains during the late 1800s?
    Congress passed a law requiring all public lands to be sold at auction.
    Native Americans sold most of their tribal lands directly to railroad companies.
    Speculators bought large parcels of land and then built factory towns to attract new immigrants.
    Congress passed a law allowing people to claim public land and convert it to private property through homesteading.
    H.15.A: Transcontinental Railroad & Homestead Act
  • Q10
    During the 1950s the federal government funded educational initiatives in math and science in response to -
    the development of the ENIAC computer
    the successful launch of the first artificial satellite
    the announcement of international education guidelines
    the discovery of new chemical elements
    H.17.C: Defense Spending
  • Q11
    The creator of this political cartoon was expressing his concerns about -
    Question Image
    the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas
    the U.S. declaration of war on Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor
    the involvement of U.S. government officials in the Iran-Contra scandal
    the expansion of executive power during the Great Depression
    H.16.C: Effects Of Great Depression
  • Q12
    Which statement best describes a major impact Bill Gates has had on U.S. business and technology?
    He set up the first computer network systems for the military.
    He created an online store that changed the way people purchase consumer goods.
    He started the company that provides operating software for most personal computers.
    He designed the heat-shield technology used on space shuttles.
    H.18.A: American Entrepreneurs
  • Q13
    Which of the following occurred as a result of the Sherman Antitrust Act?
    Workers secured a greater share of company profits.
    The influence of labor unions on factory owners was reduced.
    Businesses were required to pay fees to open overseas locations.
    The federal government could dissolve business monopolies.
    H.15.B: Federal Government & Private Business
  • Q14
    The policy outlined in the excerpt was directly influenced by problems that the U.S. Navy had recently confronted during -
    Question Image
    the Mexican War
    the Spanish-American War
    the Cuban Revolution
    World War I
    H.15.D: International Military Conflicts
  • Q15
    The Reconstruction Finance Corporation is similar to later New Deal legislation in that both -
    Question Image
    gave direct relief payments to unemployed citizens
    provided more efficient services through public utility regulation
    protected the economy through government intervention in private business
    borrowed money from foreign banks to reduce the national debt
    H.16.D: New Deal Policies

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