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TEKS US History High School - Topic: H.27-H.28 Science, Technology & Society

Quiz by TEKS US History High School

High School - U.S. History
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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  • Q1
    The introduction of vaccines to the United States helped -
    improve the quality of the water supply
    improve the hygiene of medical procedures
    limit the spread of infectious diseases
    limit the risk in consuming imported produce
    H.27.B: Specific Needs & Innovations
  • Q2
    What do these advertisements suggest to consumers?
    Question Image
    Personal computers are replacing cell phones.
    Free enterprise promotes competition among cell phone providers.
    Cell phone users have limited choices in the marketplace.
    Government regulation of the cell phone industry is increasing.
    H.28.C: Free Enterprise System & Technology Innovation
  • Q3
    During the 1920s, what was one result of innovations in U.S. transportation technology?
    Mass-produced automobiles made travel more affordable for many people.
    Cable cars provided a comfortable means of quick travel to any city within a state.
    Commercial airplanes replaced ocean liners as the primary means of travel to Europe.
    Container ships delivered agricultural goods to ports along the Pacific coast.
    H.28.A: Improving Living Standards
  • Q4
    What is one way to describe the developments shown above?
    Question Image
    Conclusions from research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency
    Effects of programs to monitor national security
    Program results of the Federal Civil Defense Administration
    Practical applications of technologies developed for spaceflight
    H.28.B: Space Technology & Exploration
  • Q5
    Which of the following has resulted from the increased use of computers in the workplace?
    The number of employees that are granted off-site access has decreased.
    Corporate use of vertical integration has increased.
    Employees are required to sign Internet-usage agreements.
    Unions demand that a forty-hour workweek be enforced.
    H.27.C: Technological & Management Innovations In The Workplace
  • Q6
    Which of these best explains the change in money spent at the movies from 1946 to 1965?
    Question Image
    A decrease in urban population
    The resurgence of fundamentalism
    The popularity of television
    An increase in unemployment
    H.27.A: Scientific Discoveries & Technological Innovations
  • Q7
    Jobs such as the ones described in this 1956 advertisement became available because -
    Question Image
    federal law required private businesses to recruit for the military
    Cold War defense programs had spurred technological innovation
    most U.S. citizens opposed the development of atomic weapons
    weak college programs had produced few scientists qualified for high-level research
    H.27.B: Specific Needs & Innovations
  • Q8
    Which of these natural resources correctly fills in the blanks in this excerpt?
    Question Image
    H.27.A: Scientific Discoveries & Technological Innovations
  • Q9
    How did the events on this time line affect U.S. businesses?
    Question Image
    Mass-manufacturing techniques were adopted to maximize production.
    Retirement plans were guaranteed to factory workers.
    Profit sharing became a standard practice for industrial corporations.
    Monopolistic practices were abolished by federal legislation.
    H.27.C: Technological & Management Innovations In The Workplace
  • Q10
    One way the development of the Internet has improved the quality of life in the United States is by -
    decreasing the influence of advertising on consumers
    increasing the reliability of available information
    improving privacy protection for individuals
    increasing the ease of obtaining information
    H.28.A: Improving Living Standards
  • Q11
    Which words correctly complete this excerpt?
    Question Image
    1: whooping cough, 2: serum
    1: polio, 2: vaccines
    1: tuberculosis, 2: iron lung treatment
    1: chicken pox, 2: antibiotics
    H.27.B: Specific Needs & Innovations
  • Q12
    Which factor links all of these modern innovations?
    Question Image
    They each include technology that was originally developed for use in the U.S. space exploration program.
    They are all products initially created for use in the U.S. communications industry.
    They are all special tools first created for U.S. transportation workers in the early twentieth century.
    They each include material that was first grown on U.S. experimental farms in the late nineteenth century.
    H.28.B: Space Technology & Exploration
  • Q13
    How did the invention shown in this patent illustration affect industry?
    Question Image
    Factories could extend working hours.
    Products could be manufactured on an assembly line.
    Businesses needed to hire skilled workers.
    Machines needed to be repaired less frequently.
    H.27.A: Scientific Discoveries & Technological Innovations
  • Q14
    One advantage offered by hybrid cars is that they -
    decrease household electricity usage
    expand the use of carpools
    shorten the driving time to destinations
    reduce the amount of money spent on gasoline
    H.28.A: Improving Living Standards
  • Q15
    How has the development of satellite technology affected the U.S. economy?
    By enabling transoceanic air travel
    By facilitating the development of technologies that improve fuel efficiency
    By resulting in increased private funding of research institutions
    By increasing efficiency in telecommunications
    H.27.A: Scientific Discoveries & Technological Innovations

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